Easter Brunch

On Easter Sunday, the girls were up and in their new dresses from Grandma at 7am! They started the morning with a small egg hunt and found their baskets along with extra treats from Grandma & Papa! Then came church, where Reagan made us so proud by standing up front and reciting a poem from memory. She was so brave, didn't skip a beat, and made the service even more special. 
After church, they hosted an egg hunt and the girls had a blast running around the preschool playground collecting the colorful, plastic treats! Then, they each received a huge bag of goodies from Miss Jan, the Sunday school teacher! 
We headed south to the Rancho Santa Fe Inn where we had reservations for brunch. After dining with the Goodale clan at the Springfield Country Club for the past 3 years, we had high expectations! The Inn did not disappoint! There was a magnificent spread, a bouncy slide and Easter Bunny for the kids, and live music. We sat on the terrace and enjoyed a sunny afternoon and mo…

Morning Session

One Sunday morning, we hit the local bagel shop and then headed down to the beach before church. Jason suited up and hit the waves while the girls and I stayed on dry land! It was a chilly morning, and we saw several surfers in full wetsuits, some even donned hoods, gloves and booties! Jason caught one solid wave, but the current was strong and getting out was exhausting. I was tired just watching him! It was a nice way to start our day!

Palomar Mountain Hike

In early April, we decided to play hooky from church and opted for a trip out to Palomar Mountain. We love hiking with the girls and Tommy! Again, we had a beautiful day. The girls napped on the drive out while Jason and I enjoyed the gorgeous views. Once we arrived, it was lunch time, so we found a picnic table and snacked on some munchies we brought along. 

One we were sated, we headed out on the trail. There were many signs that said no dogs allowed, but we couldn't very well leave Tommy in the car, so we pressed on:) Reagan loves any opportunity to use her ninja warrior skills, so she hopped on every log we saw!