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Wordless Wednesday: Bathtime Helper


Savannah's Getting Bigger!

The other day, while Reagan napped, Savannah played while I took a quick shower. I got out and the lighting was too good to pass up, so I grabbed my camera and took a few quick shots of our baby girl! She's getting more alert by the day and sometimes she even grabs the toys!

Big thanks to Jessica who gave Savannah this CUTEST OUTFIT EVER!

238th Marine Corps Birthday Ball

On Saturday, November 9th, Jason and I got dressed up and left the girls with Grandma & Papa for the evening. We headed to the Gaylord Hotel in the National Harbor (for the second year) and had a wonderful time celebrating the 238th year of the Marine Corps! 

Thank you to Rick & Cindi for giving us a worry-free night out! You guys are the best!!

Short, but Sweet!

The weather is crazy this year. One week it's in the high 70s, the next it's in the low 40s. But for one blissful week, it was "fall-like temps!" We LOVED it! Here's our little beauty enjoying the pretty leaves!

Hanging Out on a Beautiful Fall Day

Last Thursday, the weatherman called for rain later in the day, so I loaded the girls into the stroller in the morning for a run. The temperatures were warm enough for long sleeves without jackets and the air just had that amazing fall smell! After our run, we hung out in the backyard and Reagan demonstrated her amazing t-ball skills:) And of course, I had my camera!

Love the flying ponytail!

Little Crafter:)

Last week, Grandma sent me a link via Facebook to a turkey craft…that got us inspired to start making some Thanksgiving decorations! Reagan had collected a bucket of leaves earlier in the week, so I grabbed those and cut out a few shapes for her. We have a ton of goggly eyes, so those went on ALL our turkeys:)  Here are the three we did one morning:

Halloween Fun with the Family!

Last year, Grandma, Papa & Geoffrey came over to celebrate Halloween with us. This year, we decided to make it into a tradition:)
Grandma & Papa came over around 4:30 and we all enjoyed a beautiful afternoon outside. Then, I dashed up to the corner to pick up some pizza for everyone. By the time I got back, Glenna & Geoffrey had joined us. 

We wolfed down a few slices and then Reagan was ready to go! 

Last year, we took the wagon, but this year, Reagan walked the entire way! She also went up to every single house "ALL BY ME SELF!" She was SUCH a big girl!

Once we got home, she had to survey her loot:)

While we walked the neighborhood, Grandma entertained Savannah! 


Ok, so now that I've been called out on totally forgetting your anniversary, I'm doing a belated blog post to show some love. 
To one of our favorite couples:
We love you guys and we couldn't be happier that you found each other! There are very few couples that get along as well as we do and for that, we are grateful. We have shared so many wonderful memories with you and look forward to those yet to come. Congratulations on 4 amazing, crazy, sometimes trying, always beautiful years. We love you guys!!!