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Meeting Miss Allie

The weekend after Reagan's 4th birthday, we headed south to visit our NC buddies! The girls and I hit some terrible traffic en route to Quantico to pick up Jason & Jess, but once we got going, it wasn't too bad…unless you factor in all the crying that Savannah did!!! Let's just say we were in need of a stiff drink upon arrival at the new Belward Mansion!
The next day, the girls abandoned the children with the boys and drove to Lexington to meet Miss Allie. We made decent time after visiting the world's slowest Dunkin' Donuts and pulled into the driveway to see Brian mowing the backyard and holding one sleepy girl!
Allie was napping too, but that didn't stop Colleen from holding her!

Mason remembered Jess from her recent visit on her way from KS to VA, so they were instant buddies...

She wasn't nearly as comfortable with the little one:) 
Lynsey is one proud mama and looked surprisingly rested!

We spent time just catching up, complaining about life, and…

Reagan Turns 4!

Playing catch up! 2 months ago, Reagan turned 4! Here are the highlights from her year as a 3-year old:
- Became a big sister! - First year of preschool - Mrs. Brenda's class at Wesley Methodist  - Two dance classes & a swimming class - Miss Angie's class at Ft. Belvoir & the local rec center - Learned to recognize letters & numbers - can write "Reagan" - Learned to ride a scooter & started to get the hang of her glider bike - Selected Alfred Morris as her favorite Redskins player - Loves to eat almost everything (except green beans & sweet potatoes) - Adores spending time with Grandma & Papa - Best bud is Max...but has made friends here in VA - Emily (from the CDC) and Timmy & Joshy (from church) and Cassie (from school)
This has been a great year for our girl! Reagan drives us crazy, but she makes us laugh, she loves her sister more than anything, and she is going to do something great someday. 
On her actual birthday, we celebrated wit…

4th of July

On the 4th of July, Reagan, Savannah and I Papa-napped Fil and took him to the park. I love it when he comes on our adventures because it frees my hands to hold the camera...and because he's awesome! It was a gorgeous day and we had a blast!

Setting up the shot...
Nailed it!

Future fireman? (Colleen & stripper jokes. This is a family blog!)

Someone was happy to finally get out of the swing for once and play.

Looks like a serious discussion, right?!

After a great park outing, we caught a quick nap and then headed to Gary Mike & Terry's house for some great food & fireworks with the Goodale crew. It was a wonderful time and we love spending time with everyone!

Hanging with her GG!

Flying with Jess...
Cashed out with Uncle Reese:)
This is a glimpse of the CRAZY AWESOME amount of fireworks Uncle Kev provided for the night! It was ridiculously fun and better than braving the traffic anywhere else to see them. We put on quite a show ourselves!

Last Dance Recital

Despite her initial excitement, by the end of the second class, Reagan was ready for dance to be finished. In retrospect, I think she fell in love with the idea of dance, but wasn't too keen on actually learning the moves and listening to the teacher. We stuck it out until the recital though because I wanted her to learn that quitting isn't the best way out.
Jessica, Grandma & Papa all came to see her final performance…and of course, I took pictures because she's just too adorable in that costume!!! 

Happy 6

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Sisterly Love

Several months ago, I ran inside to grab something before we headed out to wherever we were going that day. As I walked through the kitchen, I glanced out the window and quickly grabbed my camera. 
Being sweet...
Pushing her over...
Oops, you fell down, let me help you up...
See, now I've got you...
Don't struggle. You love it.
My favorite.
MOM! Are you still coming?
And then I knocked on the window. What a look!