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Did Someone Order Duck?

When we were growing up, my mom did a ton of cooking...mostly Italian, but also tried her hand at exotic cuisines on occasion.  In particular, she prepared a Peking duck once a year for as long as I can remember. Naturally, I figured, if she could do it, perhaps (like the whole "green thumb dad" concept), I may also be able to do so.

Jason LOVES duck.  As soon as we saw it in the aisles of Harris Teeter in Wilmington, he had to buy it.  He asked me to make a Peking duck for him and after much cajoling, I finally agreed.  As he placed the duck into the cart he says, "This will either be a phenomenal success, or an epic failure."  Now if that doesn't inspire trust and confidence...

On Tuesday evening, after much internet searching, I began my Peking duck project.  First things first, I hung the duck (using a vent in the ceiling, some kitchen twine, and two hangers - just call me MacGyver) for 10+ hours to dry it out.  You might think this would be an easy target …

Upgrading the Kitchen!!!

As you know, Jason and I love to cook.  So one of the first (and only) things we really wanted to upgrade in our house was the countertop.  After a couple trips to Lowe's and several visits by installers and plumbers, our new Verde Butterfly granite countertops were in!  They truly change the entire look of the kitchen and we couldn't be happier.  And the bonus is that cooking is now even more fun!
Prepping the kitchen for the workers to tear out the old countertops.
Almost time...
Installation begins
Jason "supervising"
Sayonara old tops and sink!
Mid-installation - the guys who did the job were true professionals!
Drilling holes for the faucet
Drilling holes for the faucet to go with our new under-mount sink
New faucet - (soap dispenser not pictured)
Final Result
Final Result
Final Result
We love the way the countertops and appliances look together and were thrilled with the results.

Nothing Says "I Love You Grandma" Quite Like...

...sleeping with the stuffed Frankenstein Grandma sent Reagan for Halloween!  Cute pink bunny, who needs it?  Happy little frog, doesn't stand a chance.  But give the girl something that makes spooky noises and has sewn in stitches, and she's a happy girl!

Thanks Grandma!!!  Can't wait to see you on Thursday! 
And by the way...Reagan is officially 4 months old today!  We're celebrating with shots:(

60 Amazing Years!

On November 18th, Grandma Isabel and Grandpa Ted celebrated their 60h Anniversary! They have set a wonderful example for their children, grandchildren, and now for their great granddaughter!  We love you both very much and hope you enjoyed your celebration.
Taken in 1957 - Grandpa, Cindi (MIL), Scott, and Grandma
Reagan with her Great Grandparents!

Best "Low Key" Weekend Ever!

On Saturday morning, Jason got up early and went to work for a couple hours.  When he returned home, we piled into the car with Tommy and Reagan and took off for North Top Sail Beach.  The weather was absolutely gorgeous and Tommy enjoyed free reign of the beach as there are no "leash laws" after Memorial Day.  

Jason was our photographer!
Reagan loves facing out in her Baby Bjorn carrier.
After our short outing to the beach, we returned home and did some things around the house.  Namely, Jason chopped up a chicken using his new meat cleaver and worked diligently at making chicken stock, and I began preparations for MIL/FIL/BIL's arrival on Thursday (i.e. washing sheets, dusting, etc.).  All in all, we were quite productive.  As the afternoon approached, we sat outside and enjoyed the unusually warm November day.  Reagan even joined us for a bit:

Our neighbors were outside and we chatted with them for a bit.  (Side note: a few houses have sold recently, and one of our new ne…

The Perks (and drawbacks) of Being a SAHM

I'm lucky enough to have the opportunity to stay home with my dear daughter, Reagan.   Over the past almost 4 months, I am discovering the perks (and drawbacks) of my new "career."  Here are my thoughts:

1. I never miss anything she does.  I was here to see her roll over for the first time; I held her hands the first time she decided to test her legs and stand up; I can watch her grow (literally) by the minute.  (I also see every spit-up, dirty diaper, booger and hiccuping fit she ever has (or will have) had.)

2. The house is much cleaner than it would be if I had to go back to work and then come home to a second job.  I can take my time throughout the day, getting laundry done and putting dishes away.  (When it rains, the house essentially becomes a prison.)

3. I can catch up on reading/crafts/etc when she's napping.  (She's not that great at napping.)

4. Now that it starts to get dark around 3:30 or 4, if I feel like having a little wine a titch earlier than usua…

Finally Some Fall Foliage!

How's that for some alliteration?!  
On Saturday morning, we got up in Greenville and drove to Raleigh to see Keith and Colleen.  Jason got to tailgate with Keith and his buddies at the NC State game, and I hung out with Colleen and her parents (got to see their new house!) with Miss Reagan.  When the game was over, we picked up the boys and headed home for some pizza, time around the firepit, and a little football-watching and cigar-smoking in the "manbana." On Sunday, Colleen made waffles for everyone and then we headed home...but not before taking some pictures:

Chance LOVED Reagan.  And bathed her with his "kisses!"

Practice makes perfect:)  Especially when they pee on you!
(I had a great video of Colleen and Reagan...she had Reagan in absolute hysterics!  I've never heard my girl laugh so much.  Unfortunately, I've been trying to upload the video for WAY too long, so I've given up.  Perhaps I'll try again sometime soon.)

Celebrating 235 Years

On Friday evening, we celebrated the 235th Birthday of the United States Marine Corps.  The ball was held in Greenville, NC at the Convention Center, and we had a wonderful time.  Our friends brought their daughter to the hotel and she baby-sat Reagan during the ceremony and for a bit after.  It was nice to have a night "off!"  Unfortunately, I didn't get many pictures (in fact, I only got 2).  I suppose that's what happens:  getting dressed + remembering to put on makeup and jewelry + feeding a baby + prepping the babysitter with enough instructions (and milk) to last the night = individual pictures of husband and wife.  No worries, we'll take some together next year!

Memories Made Easy with Shutterfly!

As a long time technology-phobic gal, I snubbed my nose at digital cameras and online photo sites.  However, unlike my dear husband, I know when to admit (publicly in the case) when I'm wrong.  Digital photography is so much easier than film!  I'm sure many of you were like me when it came to film...take pictures, use up roll, replace with new roll, forget to develop photos until 3 year later when pictures are no longer of interest, am I right?

Well, I'm no longer afraid my friends...I joined the ranks of the digital photographers a couple years ago and started using Shutterfly, an online all-encompassing photography, card, etc. site.  No more wasted rolls of film and undeveloped photos, I can upload my pictures and get prints (or other products) in no time at all.  And it's incredibly easy for those of us who do not consider ourselves computer savvy.

I have purchased prints, enlargements, photobooks, calendars, and birth announcements.  Each and every product I have…

My Favorite Subject

Today was the last day of my digital photography class, and I was inspired to take some pictures of my favorite little subject.  More to follow, and hopefully they get better!

Yes...that is my little girl flipping the bird.  Classy.