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It's hard to believe that a year ago today, we welcomed our "toddler" into the world!  After nearly 40 hours and ultimately, a c-section, Reagan Campbell Goodale graced us with her 10lb 1 oz, 23 1/4 inch self!  There were several people who were waiting to welcome her, namely, her daddy via cell phone from a ship, her grandma & grandpa, her Uncle Geoffrey, and my dear friends Colleen and Lynsey (and my other mother Betty of course!).  After taking her sweet time getting here, Reagan came into the world with gusto - middle fingers up (she gets that from her dad).  They could hardly believe how big she was in the nursery, so they nicknamed her "the toddler."  They even had to go in search of size 1 diapers because the newborn ones wouldn't fit!

Here we are a year later, and it's so difficult to wrap my mind around how much she's grown and changed. It took her a full 9 months to double in size, but she learns something new almost every day.  It…

Family Photo Shoot with Alexis Steele!

Before Jason left, we had our friend, Alexis, take some pictures.  She had recently received a telephoto lens for her birthday, and the pictures are amazing!  I love looking at these whenever I REALLY miss Jason...which is all the time:)  Here are some of my favorites...sorry it's a true photo BOMB:

Love this one!  She is SO happy!

Our "little squirrel"!
If I was still pregnant, this one might make me cry!

Reagan's Photo Shoot

When we visited South Boston, Dody's sister came over with her amazing camera and took some pictures of Reagan.  I'm sure I've probably posted a few of these already, but I couldn't resist dedicating a post to them:

Reagan's First 1st Birthday Party

If your a member of the Goodale family, you're entitled to not just a birthday, but a birthday week!  Well, Reagan's birthday week started on Sunday, July 17th.  We were invited to my friend Jennifer Johnson's house for a birthday BBQ.  Her husband works with Jason and we've been friends for a couple years now. They have a daughter, Michaela, who also has a birthday this month!  Jenn misses buying baby clothes, so she absolutely spoils Reagan!

She made potatoes, squash & zucchini and grilled chicken.  Everything was delicious.  Then she told me to strip down Reagan to her diaper.  She put a huge plastic table cloth on the dining table and then brought out the most adorable "smash" cake for Reagan.

Jenn & her daughter, Michaela
Reagan was confused at first...
but started to get the idea...
and then really figured it out!
Jenn bought a big cake for the rest of the adults (more ladies from 1/9 joined the festivities!).  It was absolutely delicious and beaut…

Hooray! No More Milk Cow!

As Reagan's first birthday approaches, I can officially retire the Medela Swing pump!!

When Reagan was born, the first week of breastfeeding was almost too difficult, but we persevered.  I remember those early days.  I would cringe whenever feeding time came around and dread it.  But as time went on, it became easier, and as all of you know, we soon became quite proficient at the task and could basically feed anywhere (and we did!).  The most unusual place/time I nursed was probably in a parking lot in Wilmington before the Beach to Battleship Half-marathon pictured here.  I can honestly say we got our money's worth with the 2 "Hooter Hiders" we received.

As our nursing days have come to an end, I'm happy.  Happy that we made it the full year.  Happy that Reagan isn't too attached to stop now.  And happy that I don't have to pump again for a long, long time!!  No more rinsing pump parts and bottles!  No more using up half the freezer to store milk!  Tho…

Beaufort Road Race

At 5:30 on Saturday morning, I got Reagan loaded in the car and we headed to Beaufort, NC for the 32nd Annual Historic Beaufort Road Race.  It was about an hour and twenty minute drive and we got there with plenty of time to spare.  I had packed Reagan's yogurt and cheerios, so we had lots of time to enjoy breakfast while waiting for the race.  Reagan enjoyed walking around by the water for a bit and then we met up with a fellow Stroller Warrior and her family.  The course was an out-and-back along the water.  Luckily we had the wind with us for the second half or I wouldn't have made it without walking:)

The run included a stroller division which was great!  There were about 15 strollers competing, and my friend, Mia, took 3rd for the women.  Reagan and I came in shortly after her at the un-awarded 4th place spot.  It was my PR with a stroller, so I was happy anyway!

Reagan enjoying her morning milk and wondering where the heck we were!
Walking on the boardwalk w/ race timing…