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First Vegetable

On advice from the pediatrician and other mothers, we decided to start Reagan off with a yellow vegetable this past weekend.  If she's anything like her mother, then she's going to love fruits, so we figured that we'd develop her love for veggies first.  We started with squash and will be doing carrots and green beans in the near future.  Although we purchased a couple jars of these stage one veggies, I'm planning to make most of her food, so those blogs will surely follow.  As with the cereal and oatmeal, she loved it:)  Hey, you don't get to be an 18-pound 6-month old without loving some chow!

Hungry Explorer?

Hey, it looks like a delicious sandwich, but it tastes like nothing!  What gives?!
You guys wanted me to start don't mind me while I check out your camera case.

Playing With Her Brother

Tommy was nuzzling her side and she loved it
"Holding hands"
Hahaha, Tommy, you make me laugh
High 5!
This paw looks tasty
I think I'll give it a try
Yup, I guess I AM part Korean:)
***Disclaimer*** I am not teaching my child to eat dog!

Who Needs Toys?

The other night, we watched as Reagan scoffed at all her toys and proceeded to play with a tupperware full of walnuts and Jason's water bottle.  Guess we learned what all parents eventually find out:  kids are far more fascinated with real things than they are with their own toys.'s my first sippy cup.
This is where we discovered she was actually managing to get the water out!
I guess it's like a rattle?!

First Cereal

A couple weeks ago, Reagan tried rice cereal for the first time.  We had a great time watching her learn to use the spoon.  She gobbled it right up!  (Hey, you don't get to be an 18-pound 5 month old without loving some chow!) 
First bite
Daddy feeding Reagan
Holding her hand to keep it out of the food
Ok, well, that didn't work!  Can't have a first eating experience without a little mess, right?
Wearing more of it than actually got into her mouth:)
Mommy's turn to feed

Visit to Charleston!

On Wednesday, January 19th, Tommy, Reagan and I hopped in the car and took off for Charleston, SC to visit my good friend Jen Gaj.  She was kind enough to welcome not only a baby, but a dog into her home - I only travel places where my dog is welcome:).  We had a wonderful time and Jen was a fabulous host.  
When we arrived Wednesday afternoon, Jen was still working so we took the opportunity to explore the shopping center where she works.  Reagan and I went to a yoga shop, an outdoor clothing store, a baby clothes store, and a wonderful grocery store called Earth Fare.  I nearly lost track of time while wandering the aisles of a huge, organic, well-stocked market as I've spent the last year an a half at our local Food Lion which leaves the soul wanting...
When Jen finished work, we headed to the house she shares with 2 great girls, Lindsey and Alexis:

On Thursday, Jen had to work the majority of the day, so Tommy, Reagan and I headed to Folly Beach where I found my first sand dollar…

Reading with Grandpa


Reagan and Her Grandma!

Even though Reagan isn't quite old enough to know how blessed she is to have such a wonderful Grandma, you can already tell just how much she loves her.  Grandma eagerly awaited Reagan's arrival in July and has spoiled her since that wonderful day she finally graced us with her presence.  We just wanted to say thank you for everything!  Can't wait to see you again soon. 

What makes grandmas special?
Is it their beautiful laughing eyes
And their tender good-byes?
Is it their wonderful smiles
That make life worthwhile?

Maybe it's their warm loving hugs,
That seems to comes by the mugs.
They never make you feel "uncool"
And never ever like a fool.

Their glorious voice is like an angel above
That tells you you are what they cherish and love.
Every gift from her is a treasure,
As delicate and precious as a feather.

The sweet delicious smell that comes from her oven
Could only be that of a grandma spoiling you rotten.
And even though the things above seem to make grandma more fun,

Ode to Keith

Over the last couple months, we've been lucky enough to spend some quality time with Keith Belward.  How did we get so lucky one might ask?  He's handsome, charming, and just an all around good guy. Well, he's married to one of my best friends - Colleen.  Keith, thanks for entertaining Jason all those weekends, playing with Reagan, and sharing your sparkling personality.  You are a peach.

(So Keith, I know it's not the week long salute we agreed upon, but will this suffice?:)

First Snow!

On Monday, January 10th, Reagan saw her first real snowfall!  We live in Eastern NC (which typically doesn't see a lot of snow), so we don't exactly own a snowsuit.  However, her Halloween monkey costume is multi-purpose.  Bundled up in her Virginia sweats, her monkey costume, scarf and mittens, Reagan and I trekked outside with Tommy to take some quick pictures.  If we had a hill we would have tried to sled (although I have no idea what I would have used for a sled), but we settled for making an angel in the white stuff:)  I'm not sure exactly how she felt about the experience, but she didn't cry, so I'm calling it a win!

Changing it up

We've only been married for a couple years, but we've had the same duvet cover since getting hitched and it was in desperate need of a replacement.  Although we still liked the color and design of the old one, it had holes in it from Tommy's more youthful days and bleached spots from my lack of laundering skills.
For Christmas, I asked Mil to pick out a new one for us.  I'm a sucker for paisley prints and she selected this one.  It's gorgeous and I'm terrified to let Tommy on the bed anymore!  Here it is:

Thanks Mil & Fil!!!

Christmas Day!

On Christmas day, we all woke up fairly early and got a quick bite to eat and some coffee or tea.  Then we headed downstairs to open gifts!  As always, Mil and Fil were way too generous (as was everyone else in the extended family:).  We received everything on our "lists" and lots of additional goodies as well!  Reagan had a blast.
This accurately depicts the Christmas generosity!
Playing with wrapping paper (mostly she tried to eat it)
Piled in Beanie Babies given to her by Morgan Goodale:)
Too much Christmas fun!
As always, I like to try on my gifts as soon as I get them.
Post-nap, Reagan got her second wind and was helping Uncle Geoffrey open his gifts.

Christmas Eve Part 2

On Christmas Eve (evening?) night, we all dress up and go to GG (formerly Great Grandma) Linda's house. Uncle Kevin and Aunt Lisa prepare a wonderful meal and we enjoy cocktails and family time. This year was a Mexican theme and it was delicious. Grandma (Mil) gave Reagan an early Christmas gift of a beautiful new dress and jacket complete with faux fur and new socks to wear for the evening. She looked great, unfortunately, she pooped on her dress shortly after the party started...hence her striped comfy outfit in the other pics! For some reason (probably becuase I was "checking on things at the bar") I didn't get any pictures of Gary Michael, Terry, Michael and Morgan, but they were also in attendance. I'll have some of them later. It was a fabulous evening as always and for the first time in a few years, I didn't go to the evening service with Mil, Jason and Geoffrey. Instead, Fil and Reagan and I headed home and attempted to get a good night's …