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Opening Presents: Round 1

As I mentioned earlier, we basically opened presents for three days. Reagan wasn't feeling great, so we didn't want to force Christmas on her; rather, we wanted her to enjoy the holiday. On Christmas Day, we did manage to get her to open a few gifts and she had fun testing out her new wagon with Daddy.

Concentrating despite feeling terrible:) She carefully placed each piece of wrapping paper (one-by-one) in the trash bag.
Daddy wrote a beautiful poem for his girls - here's a picture of Reagan attempting to open the envelope
The poem led us to these beautiful matching mommy-daughter necklaces with two diamonds in the middle. I'm wearing mine now, but it will be a few years before Reagan will be wearing hers!
I think she was more impressed with the celery in Daddy's Bloody Mary than the actual presents:)
Checking out her new potty from Great Grandma!
Hooray for Daddy being back to put things together for us!
Taking the wagon for a test drive - What a beautiful day!!
All tuck…

And We Ate Like Kings!

Long before Jason was heading home, he told me to select a menu for Christmas day and he would do the cooking. In fact, he couldn't wait to get back into the kitchen! At first I considered asking for my favorite meal, slow-roasted pork shoulder, but then I changed my tune and had my heart set on a stuffed beef tenderloin with a bearnaise sauce...we ended up having a standing rib roast and boy was it a great decision! The day before he flew home, I went down to our "local" (and by local I mean 35 minutes away) Harris Teeter to check out the beef tenderloin selection. They were MASSIVE and cost quite a pretty penny, so I had to change my plan. Luckily a friend happened to be in the store and suggested a smaller, yet somehow still GIANT cut of beef and even sent me two recipes to choose from! (Thanks Kathleen!)

We started with a recipe from How Easy Is That? for onion and fennel soup gratin. We had made French onion soup just before Jason deployed and it was incredible, so …

Sick Girl:(

On December 24th, I took Reagan to the ER and she was diagnosed with pink eye! They sent us home with a tube of erythromycin to apply 4 times daily to the INSIDE of her eyelid and instructions to give her Tylenol as needed. She was absolutely miserable for a couple days, but over time, her eyes have cleared up and she's warming up to Daddy!

Reagan finally finished opening her Christmas presents yesterday! We let her take all the time she needed and she had fun opening her gifts. She's a trooper:)  

He's Home!!

Our dear friends Maureen & Sean came to take pictures of Jason's homecoming for us!
Maureen even made this sign for Reagan to hold!!
Jason arrived before the rest of the Marines (lucky us!!)
Clapping for her daddy

A complete family once again:)
What an eventful day Christmas Eve was. I've posted the most important thing (the pictures!) first, but here's a short recap. That morning, just before stepping into the shower, I received a text message from the Company Gunny informing me that the flight was delayed 2 hours. No worries, that gave me time for a run. So we knocked that out and once finished, I did my best to entertain Reagan and keep her away from the presents I had put out the night before.  
We headed to base around 11:30 and arrived there just after noon. Maureen and Sean met us on base and they kids played together for  a couple hours. It was around this time that I really noticed Reagan's eyes were getting redder and more swollen. By 2:15, I got a cal…

My Kind of Porn

Haha! Before you think I'm gross, here's what I'm referring to:

An entire magazine dedicated to crafts and DIY stuff?! Yup, that's right up my alley! Stay tuned for some of the great things I find inside:)

It's Here, It's Here!!

No, I'm not talking about Christmas, I'm referring to Jason's homecoming!! Yes, this is quite possibly the best Christmas gift a girl could hope for:)

Taken the day before he left
225 days ago, we said goodbye to Jason at 2am. It wasn't a tearful goodbye as that's really not my thing, and I was worried about getting Reagan back home and into her crib before she decided to wake up for the day, but it was a sad one. One marked by thoughts of "How much will we miss him?" "Will he be safe?" "He's going to miss so many more 'firsts'!" But 7 months later, the day is upon us and we couldn't be happier.

To those people like my MIL and Jason's grandmother who endured much tougher times (and my Army friends who endure 15-month tours), this probably seems like a cake walk. 7 months?! Try a year! Monthly phone calls? Daily emails? Try not talking to your husband for the duration of the deployment and only having good old snail m…

Salt Dough Ornaments

My dear friend Lynsey mentioned that she was planning to make salt dough ornaments with her son, Mason. I immediately stole the idea and turned to the internet for some ideas. I came across this blog called "The Happy Housewife: Where Martha Meets Real Life" and got some great tips.

The recipe was simple:

2 cups flour (not self-rising)
1 cup salt
1 cup warm water

Mix dry ingredients and then slowly add warm water until the dough becomes the consistency of pie crust.

I mixed these up after Reagan was in bed and then rolled and cut about 2 1/2 dozen shapes. I used a meat thermometer (another tip from the blog above) to make holes for stringing the ornaments. Then I baked them for 2 hours and 15 minutes.

When time and weather allowed, I dressed Reagan in her "painting" clothes and we headed outside in the 70-degree December weather. At first I thought she would just use her fingers to paint...I should have known better. This is the girl who would not touch the pumpkin…

Neighborhood Gifts

About a month ago, the cul-de-sac was finally in we now have 7 neighbor families! We live in a great location full of Marine/Navy families and everyone is so nice here. We have one especially great neighbor who we trade favors with. I watch her dog when they travel and she picks up my mail whenever we are out of town. She also goes to Sam's Club a lot and brings me lots of unexpected treats when she buys in bulk:) Earlier this month, we made cookies and friendship tea and delivered them to the houses. This week, we have received a basket of fruit, a toy for Tommy, some delicious cupcakes, and a beautiful Christmas tupperware full of cute cookies. This brings back so many fond memories of growing up on Kendale Drive and delivering fruitcakes (made by my mom) to all our our neighbors.

Here are a few pictures of the goodies:

During a season typically marked by overeating, this was a welcome treat! And Reagan LOVES fruit!
I've frozen these so I don't eat them all b…


Reagan was a bit slow on getting some teeth (at her first birthday, she had 2). But they are coming in now. Two big front teeth, 4 on the bottom with one more poking through and one about 1/2 way back on the top left side.  It's tough to get any pictures of these chompers, but this is a good one (at least of the bottom ones!):

And it's almost time for another trim of her bangs!  We'll wait until Daddy comes home for that though:) Not much longer!!

Awesome Customer Service!

The internet is full of rants about terrible customer service, so I'm taking the opportunity to tell you about a company that was exactly the opposite of awful...they were totally amazing!

On Thursday, December 14th, I was running late to meet some friend for a run in town. I tossed the diaper bag and keys (first mistake) into the car and set my iPhone on top of the car. Then I placed Reagan in her car seat and ran around to the drivers side to hop in the car and take off. Now back in 2010, I made a similar error after getting gas. Read about that here. Should have learned my lesson then, right? If you set anything on top of the car, always put your keys up there too so you CANNOT drive away! Well, as you can imagine, that definitely did NOT happen.

Back to my story. I headed out on to Dawson Cabin Road, a busy 3 mile stretch taking us to the highway. About a mile down the road (and driving 55mph) I heard a couple thuds and then saw an "explosion" of black in the rearvie…


In the first years of the lives of our children, we wait for the first word, the first step, and a multitude of other "firsts." I'm sure this "first" happens to every toddler, but it's not one of those you look forward to. I'm referring to their first big fall. Yesterday morning, after our run with some Stroller Warriors, Reagan hopped out of the stroller and was heading for the playground when she took a tumble. Unfortunately, she landed on her hands, and unable to protect herself, her chin took the brunt of the fall:( She was a champ and didn't cry too much, but it sure looked painful. Oh well, I'm sure this is the first of many accidents! So here's to another first!

Holiday Treats

On Monday morning, Reagan played by herself and I made chocolate chip cookies for the 7 neighbors on our side of the cul-de-sac. I was so happy with her for being so independent and letting me actually finish a project! We also made Friendship Tea (a super easy treat) and divided it up into baggies for the neighbors. Once we were finished, we loaded up the treats into a laundry basket and delivered them using the stroller. All in all, it was a great morning!
Chocolate chip cookies made festive with snowflake and red/green sprinkles added before baking.
In case you can't read the tag: 20oz Tang, 1 1/2 cups instant iced tea, 19oz lemonade mix, 4 tsp pumpkin pie spice (mix together with a whisk). Super easy and delicious!

Just another boyfriend post:)

Last Saturday afternoon, Sean Patrick came to play with Reagan while his parents went on a movie/dinner date. We had a blast and after bath time, I put the kids in their coordinating Christmas pjs. Unfortunately, they weren't very cooperative when it came time for pictures:

Such a gentleman...he was opening the car door for Reagan!
Then she had a bit of an issue getting out of the car:)
So Sean "helped" her out of the way so he could climb in!

The difference between boys and girls: our tree has been up for well over a week...Reagan hasn't touched it once. Sean comes in, and within the first 3 minutes, he's taking ornaments off the tree and shaking the branches:) Guess this is why my friends with little boys have to anchor their trees to the wall!