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A Visit from VA!

Jason and Cindi
Miss Daisy
Reagan spending some cuddle time with Grandma
In matching yellow...Reagan and Grandpa
Reagan's new horse:)

Walking Practice with Daddy


Hanging out with Daddy

As we prepare for Jason's upcoming deployment, he's trying to spend as much quality time with his little "bug" as possible (which is tough when you work 12-14 hour days!).  Here are a couple shots of their time together.  He's gone for a month now and we can't wait for him to come home!

Check out my new swing set!

Grandpa came down last week and he built a frame for Reagan's new swing!  It's exactly what I wanted and Reagan loves it.  No more trips alone to the sketchy park:)

The builder!

New Look

For the past couple weeks, I've been driving Jason (and everyone else) crazy asking, "How do you think I'd look with bangs?"  On Saturday, while Jessica was in town, I decided to just go for it.  I love the results, but hopefully not only because of the way Josh (my hair dresser) styled it:)  We'll see what happens after I finally wash it tomorrow!

Reason #249 Not to Own a Cat

Last week, our neighbor's cat climbed up a tree and could not figure out how to get down.  Seriously, he was up there without food or water for over 2 days!  There was much scheming and planning among the residents of Honey Court East as to how to get this cat down, but ultimately, they had to call in the big, not the fire department, but a tree service that happens to own an old fire truck.  The rescue went off smoothly and gathered a sizable audience.  And though the cat is now safe and sound inside, his little journey made me appreciate having a dog whose knowledge of trees is limited to marking them.

It's difficult to see him, but he's up there on the left side of the tree.
The rescue begins
This poor man spent 2+ minutes trying to pry that crazy cat from his perch!
Heading back down
The cat is returned to his loving owners...wrapped in a towel to prevent him from using his claws to show his gratitude for the rescue!

Too Much Fun with Daddy!

On Wednesday evening, I attended a pre-deployment brief in preparation for Jason's upcoming deployment.  We were encouraged not to bring children, so Jason came home early and took over "Reagan duties" for the evening and I headed out the door.  This is what I returned to:

I guess after playtime, dinner, a bath, and more playtime, Reagan just had too much fun and promptly passed out.  I hated to wake her, and did so only after taking pictures (of course).  

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Check out the dress Grandma gave me to celebrate!  

We've got a climber...

Reagan just started doing this a few days ago.  I finally captured it on my camera phone!

Photo Shoot!

Last week my friend Michelle asked me to take some pictures of her son, Henry, to document his 1st birthday.  We went to a local park and had a great time playing and snapping photos.  Henry was a great subject too!  Here are a few of the pictures I got:  (there are a couple extra of her beautiful daughter Becca mixed in...I couldn't resist)

Of course I had to get some pictures of my girl too:

(quite the contortionist:)

Productive Weekend

Despite the house being plagued by one of 100 cold viruses, we managed to be quite productive this weekend.  Here's a picture of our sick little girl looking like Rudolf with that red nose:(  Not our typically happy baby.

On Saturday, we headed to "my old stomping grounds" (a.k.a. Lowe's) to select a tree for the backyard and some things for my garden.  After careful thought and about an hour of wandering, we decided on a Cleveland Select Flowering Pear tree.  Jason and I picked out a good spot and he went to work.

Meanwhile, I went outside the fence to my garden to begin planting season!  In the smaller raised bed next to the raspberries, I decided to try my hand at a fig tree:

Raspberry plants starting to sprout!      The beginning of my fig tree
Additionally, I put in a rosemary plant, some potatoes and some carrot seeds.  Up next, peas and radishes.
Rosemary plant
For dinner the previous night, Jason wowed me with homemade French Onion Soup!  I failed to take pictur…