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First Snow of 2015!


NC for NYD - Part 4

This year, we decided to stay through the 2nd of January in order to avoid the exhausted drive home. It was the best decision because we not only had a day to recover, but we got to see Lynsey & her family!!! They drove to Colleen's house in the morning, and we got to visit for a couple hours. It was so nice for the kids to reunite and for us to spend some time with Miss Allie! 
Tom hanging out with his little buddy.
Allie isn't sure what to think of her Auntie Jennifer:)
Photo credit: Jessica - I love this shot of crazy, whirlwind Savannah…she never stops. Unless it's to eat or sleep:)
Savannah loves babies!
Snack time with Daddy
So serious!
Auntie Tiffany was getting in some extra snuggles because she had to leave that morning.
Jessica LOVES babies!
How many girls can I fit on my lap?!
My how they've grown! Pretty soon, we'll run out of room on the couch!
Haven't aged a day since high school:)

This is definitely more Jessica's speed. Mason loved playing with her…

NC for NYE - Part 3

I'm not exactly sure when we joined this fabulous tradition, but I do know that over the years, the PJ party has definitely changed:) We used to party all night, passing around a mason jar of moonshine, and burning Christmas trees…
A few kids later and my how times have changed! We still have a blast, but we have definitely tamed the festivities. This year, we had a blast, but as with every other celebration, it's impossible to have too much fun for worry about what the next day will bring. No matter how late these children go to sleep, they are always awake early and require feeding and entertainment:) 
Despite the sudden case of pinkeye, Colleen & Keith's friends still came over to celebrate the New Year. We had way too much food and a wonderful time. Savannah even had someone to play with...

Thanks Keith!

This basically sums up our girl…always climbing on things to get into trouble!!!
Aunts and Uncles are the best. Especially for exhausted parents. Adam, Tiffany and …

NC for NYE - Part 2

One of the best parts about the Belward NYE party, is that we get to wear pajamas!!! But the casual attire didn't stop us from getting makeovers by Tiffany:) 

Tiffany is REALLY good at applying makeup, so we took advantage and got glam'd up for the evening. While we got our makeovers, Colleen and Savannah bonded...

Until we needed her hairstyling skills...

The enhanced version. Gorgeous!!!

Just before the makeovers were complete, Reagan got in on the action.

And of course we needed a group picture to record all of their hard work! Such fun with these girls!

NC for NYE - Part 1

After a rough start to our NC visit - Reagan had to go to Urgent Care on our first night due to a case of "trauma-induced" pinkeye:), we settled into the normal routine of the boys making fun of the girls, the girls ignoring the boys, and the kids playing/fighting all day long. We always love going to see Colleen & Keith, and this visit was even better because Tiffany, Nick & Adam were there too! 
The day after we arrived, Auntie Tiffany supervised the most fun bath time these munchkins have had in a long time. Colleen's tub is like a small swimming pool, perfect for three children! I think they were in there for an hour!

While the children bathed/napped/played, the adults turned to on prep work for the NYE party. 

Nick was in Supervisor mode.

Keith was trying not to get his butt kicked by some hardboiled eggs.
Savannah was just being weird:)
Throughout the weekend, Keith donned this costume...this is not Keith by the way:) Every time he put it on, reached for it, …