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Happy 2nd Birthday Caroline!!!

To a little girl who makes her mommy so happy and equally drives her crazy...Happy 2nd Birthday! Hope you have a wonderful day!

And don't worry, you'll be getting your own REAL baby soon!!!  Love you!

Easter Egg Prep & Savannah


Who Needs A Tree Service?

I love her outfits. This is probably one of my favorites to date!
Last year, I planted a garden. It sucked. Nothing grew the right way because it was devoid of sunlight. When Jason asked me what I was planting this year, I repeatedly told him, NOTHING! I guess he really likes fresh veggies, because he got Papa & Gary Mike to come over and help him clear the area of all the tree branches! They do some good work! Here's hoping it solves last year's problem:)

Two are better than one!

Family Day

The week before Easter, Jason took several days off. On Good Friday, we decided that a family day was in order, and Jason planned our day. We started at Gravelly Point, a park near Reagan National Airport, where we watched the planes take off. It's fairly obvious from the pictures & Reagan's expressions, but she loved it! 

Cool bird.

We spent a little time pretending to fly ourselves...

Even Savannah got in on the action:)

Family picture time! Thank goodness for the timer function!

After watching the planes for an hour and a half or so, we drove into Old Town for some lunch.

Max's Birthday Weekend - Part 3

When Max has a birthday, the party is half for him, and half for the adults...ok, it's mostly for the adults, but the kids nearly outnumbered us this year (and they all had a blast!). Before the party, Max's cousins got dressed up, so I made them pose for me. Hey, never pass up an opportunity to practice your craft, right?

Then Reagan wanted to have her picture taken...

PHOTO BOMB by Auntie Erica!!!

Colleen doesn't really do themed parties (I don't blame her one bit...I'm also NOT a planner...which is why Lynsey should host all our kids' birthdays from now on:), but she did coordinate the plates/utensils with the Carolina Hurricanes cake, so that counts. 

And she had one happy birthday boy!

Uncle ben was swarmed by all the kiddos as usual.  I think he was handing out ice to all of them.

Grammy Jill introduced Savannah to the wonders of balloons! And she loved them!

E.T. is so creepy. Especially with Max squeezing his eye.

The spread was excellent. Who could co…