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Play Date with the Big Girls!

When we moved from NC to VA, we were lucky enough to know a wonderful family who was also moving to the area! Reagan loves to play with older kids, so the fact that Paige and Susanna are 4 & 6 is perfect and so much fun for her!
The other day, we went to their house for a play date and some lunch. We had a great time and they are such good examples for Reagan. We look forward to more fun times with the Miller's!!!

Swimming with Papa

Last week we went down to Woodbridge to visit Grandma and Papa and to go to the pool. Papa and I sat with her while she "swam" in the kiddie pool. She absolutely loved it!

Then we got her to go over to the big pool so she could jump in with her float (I shamed her into doing it by making her watch a video of Max jumping into a pool repeatedly without help:). She got very brave and did it a few times. Here she is counting down to jump to Papa!

S'mores Revisited with My Little Helper - Another Pinterest Win

Every once in a while, I spend an evening surfing Pinterest and deciding which crazy new ideas I want to try. A couple weeks ago, our friend Chris was coming over for dinner, so while looking at Pinterest, I found a recipe (on my friend Kelley's page) for frozen s'mores and decided it would be the perfect dessert + give Reagan and I something to do together in the kitchen. 
We started out by putting graham crackers in the food processor.

Then we added some butter to the graham cracker crumbs.

I spooned a bit of the crumb mixture into the bottom of each muffin cup and Reagan used her cup to press it down into place.

Next up, melting dark chocolate discs with a little heavy cream...YUM! I placed it into a sandwich bag, cut the tip off, and squirted a bit of the "ganache" (for lack of a better term) in the center of each muffin cup.

Reagan followed up with the marshmallows. She was supposed to put 10 into each cup...

But I caught her eating some too:)

Next up - we mixe…