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Play Until You Collapse

After our crazy experience with the broken down car in Emporia, Grandpa came to our rescue and returned us to Woodbridge. (For any readers who don't already know, we made it nearly halfway home when the Subaru started lurching uncontrollably and I pulled over. We had a couple cops come to help and call a tow for us. After spending 5 hours at the mechanic shop, we were told that the catalytic converters needed to be replace to the tune of $3200! So with that news, I plopped Reagan in the stroller and went for a jog to clear my head. The kind gentleman at the shop took us to a local Applebee's for dinner and to wait on Grandpa to pick us up.)

During our return trip, we were lucky enough to be treated to a second dinner at Great Grandma's house! After a trip to the grocery store, lunch, and lots of playtime, Reagan just couldn't stay awake any longer. She promptly passed out in Uncle Kevin's arms. Luckily she was exhausted enough that we were able to easily transfer h…

Two of Reagan's Favorite People

Reagan always has a fabulous time when we visit VA, but she especially loves hanging out with her Uncle Geoffrey and Aunt Kristin! They are a constant source of entertainment for her and give me a welcome break:)

They seem to have an endless amount of patience with her (except of course if she's messing around with Geoffrey's stuff!). Reagan misses you both and can't wait to see you again in January!

Attempted Self-Feeding

We've recently explored the realm of self-feeding, and it has been one messy venture! Reagan loves to hold the spoon in one hand and feed herself with the other. Not exactly the best method, but hey, it gives me two free hands for my own meals!  Here's a few pictures of her efforts to tackle a pudding cup:

Tommy is always on hand to help with clean up!

Happy 5th Anniversary Jessica & Sean

Five years ago, on Thanksgiving Day, Jessica and Sean said "I do" in front of a very small crowd. Unfortunately, I wasn't there to bear witness (I know they're still upset about that). They had a "real" ceremony in June 2008, but still consider Thanksgiving their true anniversary. So here's to you both! Hope Nessie gives you a card or something...

Pictured here with the lovely Nessie (in her slimmer days) at their ceremony in June 2008.
Visiting Sean's mom this past July
Total dorks.

Trip to Shenandoah for Leaf Peeping

According to the experts, we missed the peak leaf peeping by a couple days, but from the views we saw, you wouldn't know it. During our recent trip to VA, I convinced Grandma and Grandpa to drive out to Shenandoah with Reagan and look at the beautiful scenery. It was a short drive to the mountains and it was especially great because I wasn't behind the wheel for once. We turned on to Skyline drive just after noon and were treated to delightful views:

We convinced Grandpa to stop at nearly EVERY overlook we passed! Then we drove up to the milepost where Jason and I used to camp and we all made the 1/4 mile walk downhill to the Gravel Springs Hut.

I've camped in this hut several times and it brought back so many great memories. Reagan enjoyed playing by the firepit and in a large pile of leaves too:) The walk back to the car wasn't quite as easy. Reagan used the old, "I'm just a baby, you can't expect me to walk all the way up there" excuse so I got to ca…

Visiting GG!

One afternoon, we all gathered at GG's house for a taco party! We had a great time and enjoyed a delicious meal. It's always so nice to spend time with family and Reagan has really warmed up to the Goodale's...and it's about time!

Grandpa and I were swinging Reagan and as you can tell, she LOVED it!
Beautiful tree in GG's neighborhood

More Fun at Grandma & Grandpa's House

Reagan had an absolute blast at Grandma and Grandpa's house! She colored with Grandpa:

Played with her feet for a bit:

Rocked her Puma sweatsuit:

And tried to convince Aunt Kristin to share her beer:

Reagan's Doljanchi: Dol Party

Gun to my head, I could not pronounce the title of this post, but it was a fabulous celebration nonetheless. If you'd like to read more about this Korean tradition, click here. Here's the gist: children dress in traditional Korean costumes on their first birthdays. They are then placed before a table of various foods and objects such as thread, books, brushes, money, etc. The child is urged to pick up an object and it is believed that the one selected first will foretell the child's future. (For example, if the child picks up a writing utensil or book, she/he is destined to be a scholar.)

Soon after our arrival in VA, my sister, Jessica, and I attended my Uncle JaiP's 70th birthday party in Columbia, MD. The following day, Reagan and I returned to the scary state and we celebrated the first birthdays of Reagan and her cousins, Dara and Cora. It was a fabulous event and we are so grateful for the generosity and hospitality extended by our father's family.