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Apple Picking 2015

It was the perfect, overcast day for a trip to Stribling Orchard in Markham, VA for some apple picking with family and friends. In typical Goodale-fashion, we set up camp on the top of the hill with a feast complete with a meat and cheese tray made by Mil and Bloody Marys:) We definitely know how to do things right! We were sad that several of the Goodale's couldn't join us, but we added Jessica & her friend, Bill, and Jon and Rachel to complete the occasion. After a fantastic picnic, some blanket tossing, and a million pictures, we packed up the party and headed into the orchard to pick apples. What a great day! 

I don't have a lot of pictures of the girls together because Savannah is MEAN to Reagan so often, but on this wonderful day, they played so well together and had a blast. I couldn't stop capturing the moment.

Thanks to Jessica, we got to update some group photos!

Time for a break:)

Taking off the Training Wheels

I was 5 when I learned to ride a bike without training wheels. The only reason I learned was because Jessica did, and I was super competitive. That being said, I've decided that Reagan should start learning. Oh, and several of her friends can now ride without the aid of additional wheels, so that might have sparked me too. Apparently I'm still competitive:) She's terrified. And not very confident in this aspect of her life. But we got out in the backyard a few times recently and she's doing great! Thought I'd try to capture the moment when Daddy was around to hold the bike for a few runs. 

No hands!!!

Savannah was hard at work mowing while the lesson was taking place;)