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Reagan & Max

Best buds...who will someday be very upset with me for posting this:) Love you guys!

Can't forget the shoes!

Thanksgiving 2013

Since we were gone the week before Thanksgiving, we definitely didn't want to cook And since Grandma & Papa had the girls that whole week, they absolutely didn't want to cook either! So it was perfect that we all went to Greensprings to celebrate Thanksgiving with MeeMaw, PeePaw, Uncle Chris, Aunt Lori, Nicholas, Caitlin, Brody and Kellen! As always, the food was plentiful and delicious. We enjoyed a relaxed meal and NO clean-up:) 
Savannah was loving on her great grandmother!
Reagan absolutely loves hanging out with Brody!
Papa holding the little turkey

After the meal, we took a quick break to get our Christmas card picture. This is the second year in a row that Rick has been our photographer and he's done a wonderful job!

Back inside and chilling with Caitlin!
Kellen, Jason & Brody
Someone is SPOILED with all these amazing great grandparents!
And this is my favorite picture of the day...Nicholas trying to get a smile out of Savvy:)

Savannah - 3 months

When we got back from San Francisco, this little girl was 3 months old!  She is a smiley, happy girl all morning.  Takes good naps when we're home.  Sleeps through the night more often than not (8:30-6). Savannah drinks a bottle without complaint, but still nurses which makes life easier. She cries a LOT in the afternoons, but since she sleeps well, it's the lesser of two evils:) Here she is:

San Francisco - Part 7

For our final full day in San Francisco, we planned to visit the cable car museum and the Exploratorium. Unfortunately, as we neared the museum, we were told to move to one side of the street and saw this:

After talking to some cops, we found out that President Obama was in town and they shut down the cable car museum for the entire day. Bummer.

No worries though and we wandered through Chinatown. Everything we saw was so interesting down there! And the hanging lanterns and unique street lights were really pretty!

Even the playground was "Chinatown-ish." But check out the picture below...apparently they REALLY don't want anyone climbing on top of that structure!

We walked by the famous TransAmerica building...

And made our way to the Exploratorium only to discover that it was CLOSED on Mondays:( Guess we should have done a little research when we "planned" our day! Again, we made the most of it and looked at some of the exhibits they had outside. This thing be…

San Francisco - Part 6

The next day, we wandered a bit (found our way into a part of downtown that had a very distinct & unpleasant smell) and then hopped into a cab to get to my cousin's house. Shortly after arriving, we went to lunch down the hill and had some amazing food! It was great to catch up with my cousins, Julian and Marcus, and Marcus' wife & daughter as well. After lunch, we trekked back up the hill and then wandered around a park just behind their home to see some INCREDIBLE views of the city!

Marcus & Cora
Marcus & Julian
Torrey & Cora
We stopped back by the house and I immediately fell in love with the room that Torrey designed for Cora...isn't it fabulous?!

Julian was kind enough to take us to the Palace of the Fine Arts on his way to return a rental car to the airport. This was fantastic because it would definitely have been a little challenging to find our way down there via public transit. From there, we said our goodbyes and headed toward the Golden Gate Br…