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My Incredible, Amazingly Talented Friends!

In February, shortly after we announced the big news about our newest family member, I went to the beach with Lynsey & her parents.  They surprised me with this (see picture).  It was handmade by Lynsey's husband, Brian who is quite the craftsman as you can see! It's going to be a perfect place for our little girl to rest in when we're downstairs.

And last weekend, at the baby shower, my friend Colleen presented this hand-sewn quilt!  It is absolutely gorgeous, and everyone made me pass it around to see it up close!  She did a beautiful job & I just know our girl is going to love it. 

A Wonderful Baby Shower!

On Saturday, May 15th, Amanda & Barbara Turner hosted a baby shower for me!  From the little baby shoes made from styrofoam cups decorated with pink bows to the incredible meal for lunch, everything was fantastic.  Guests began arriving around 11:30 and were invited to mingle & enjoy some cheese (to include baked brie!) and crackers, veggies and dip, and other treats.  Then a bit later, when everyone had arrived, we sat down for a delicious lunch of chicken/rice casserole, Ceasar salad, the most incredible fruit salad, and fresh rolls.  Everything tasted so good...and trust me, I should know since I went back for seconds!  There were plenty of tables for everyone to sit - some inside and others were outside enjoying the beautiful weather we were blessed with.  After lunch, Amanda handed out blank Bingo cards to everyone.  They were instructed to fill in each space with an item that could possibly be received at a baby shower.  Next, as I opened the gifts (of which there were M…

A Welcome Visit!

On Saturday afternoon, Jessica & Sean came to visit!  They drove down from Williamsburg, VA and arrived in Jacksonville around noon.  After a quick tour of the house & garden, we went to Sonic for lunch and then they had a couples massage at Medical Massage & Wellness.  After that, we went to Southwest Berry Farm to pick strawberries (Sean has those pictures on his camera).  On Sunday morning, we woke up early to head to downtown Wilmington to run the Bellamy Mansion Mueseum 5k.  Sean & Jess were kind enough to run with me thoughout the race and we chatted & had a great time. 

Here we are after the run was over!  It was already in the high 70s or low 80s by this point in the day! 

On Sunday afternoon, we went to the Onslow Pines Park and they taught me about geo-caching (sp?).  We found 2 out of the 3 items we were looking for, but it was 90 degrees and way too hot to be hunting around the woods for stuff.  And Tommy was definitely ready to go after just 30 minutes…