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Happy Birthday Keith!

Happy birthday to one of our best friends...the kind of friend you can count on to show you how your 8-month old can "stand up all by herself!" The kind of friend who may or may not be the best Huey pilot ever! The kind of friend stealthy enough to escape an exploding beer bottle from a fire pit.  But really... A friend who will "swing by" our house on the way from CT to NC. A friend you trust your children's lives with. Someone who you can call family.
We love you Keith! Hope 34 is a wonderful year!


While I was getting ready for work one morning, this was happening. Sisters!

Happy Birthday Jessica: "Happiness was born a twin!"

To the best twin sister in the world, Happiest of Birthdays to you! I wish we could celebrate together, but since we can't here's a look back at some snapshots of our lives. We've been best of friends, worst enemies, co-conspirators, and just about anything else you can think of, and we will always think we're the funniest two people in the room. Thank you for being such a generous sister, sister-in-law, aunt, and friend. We love you so much and can't wait for you to move closer to us!

Weighing in a 6lb 7oz, Jessica was the "small" twin. I was a hefty 7lb 12oz! 

Mom and Dad always swore this picture wasn't staged...

DEMON BABY! (I have no idea which one this is, but I'm claiming it's Jess)

To commemorate that year of our lives we carried everything in bags and those years I made you do all the work:)

Big girls!

Hideous ballet/jazz costumes & pretty pigtails.

That year we work tutus and roller skates everywhere.

Our first day of school...Y…

Savannah's First Food

On February 15th, just a shy of Savannah turning 6 months, we introduced her to rice cereal. Reagan was a wonderful big sister and gave Savannah her first several bites. As you'll see from the pictures, she was definitely ready to start eating solids! 

Such a great big sis!

And just before her bath, I snapped this pic...I guess rice cereal agrees with someone!

Super Bowl Celebration

On Super Bowl Sunday, we got to party with the McSweens & the Kiblers! It was a good time. The football was boring, the commercials were mediocre, but there was enough food to feed both teams and all the fans in that stadium! Reagan was thrilled because she got to hang out with Connor & Declan...two of her buddies that currently live in Germany, and I got to catch up with their mommy again!! All in all, a very good night!