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Best In-Laws EVER!

For two and a half wonderful weeks, MIL and FIL came for a visit. During the first week, we hung out at the house and I put FIL to work on a list of projects. First, he tackled the bathtub leak that was discovered during Hurricane Irene and the ceiling damage in the kitchen. Apparently the tub had been leaking since we bought the house 2 years ago, but a 30 minute bath wasn't long enough to realize it. He found the leak and fixed it easily. Then, he worked on the ceiling - a multi-day project.  It looks great now.

After that, I suggested that I'd like to put edging around the bushes in the backyard.  Unfortunately, after pricing the edging options at Lowe's, I realized that would not be feasible, so he used a shovel to dig out around the bushes (all 9) and trees (2 of them) and now they look much better.

Next up on the list, installing a shower door in our bathroom. I was surprised at how easily he completed this task, particularly as MIL and I left him in charge of Reaga…

Oak Island Getaway - Wrap Up

On Friday, the weather was a bit overcast and perfect for staying inside and making a big breakfast!  Reagan helped Grandpa cook lots of great food and we all enjoyed a lazy morning. After that, we took the dogs to run along the beach. They had a blast! Of course we had to give them both a bath when we returned to the house (which they did not enjoy nearly as much). After a brief rest, we loaded up the van and drove to Southport to do a bit of shopping and wandering around. It is a cute little place and they had a great Christmas shop. We headed back to Oak Island after a short trip and picked up some corn on the cob to have with our BBQ chicken and tater tots. 
The following morning, Reagan and I headed out for a short jog and found ourselves out on the beach once again. It was still overcast and perfect for running...and for feeding the birds. We saw some fishermen tossing fish heads and other bait into the air while every imaginable sea bird flocked to the area. A little further d…

Oak Island Getaway - Part 5

Early on Thursday morning, Rick and I headed out to play golf (thanks Grandma for watching Reagan!). We were the second to tee off and couldn't have asked for a better day to play. With a full cooler and no one teeing off for the next two slots, we took our time and enjoyed the game. Right before we took off, one of the guys from the pro shop said, "Hey, maybe you'll see an alligator or two."  Well, that certainly peaked my interest!! From that point on, we were on alligator patrol...and it worked! On the back nine, we came across this fellow:

After a great game, we went back home to see Reagan and Grandma. I was starting to feel a cold coming on, so I rested on the couch while Reagan had a nice nap on the porch swing with Grandpa:

While she was napping, Rick noticed this guy hanging out by the house next door:
It's times like that, when you're starting to feel sick and just need a helping hand, that you are totally grateful for amazing in-laws!!  Afte…

Oak Island Getaway - Part 4

Wednesday was our last day of amazing beach weather, so we took advantage of it.  Reagan received the cutest rash-guard bodysuit from her Great Aunt Helen and Great Uncle Dan for her birthday.  It was a perfect fit and a nice change for her as I didn't have to spray her tummy and back with that cold sunscreen.

We also found a boogie board in one of the closets and took it down with us.  As soon as we set up camp, Grandpa put Reagan on the board and dragged her down to the water.  It was an immediate hit!  She had a blast riding in one inch of water.  We took turns pulling her around and when we ate lunch, she just played by herself on top of the board.  Grandma again made delicious sandwiches that attracted even MORE birds than the previous two days...this time, they even dared to land atop Grandpa's chair!

Our little "surfer" girl!

Oak Island Getaway - Parts 2 and 3

On Monday and Tuesday, we enjoyed the beautiful weather on the beach.  Grandpa set up our "beach village" and Reagan had a wonderful time exploring the calm waters and various finds in the sand.  She still loves the water and attempts to walk right in when she thinks no one is watching! Grandma packed delicious lunches for all of us so we wouldn't have to walk back to the house.  The beach was practically empty (save a few fishermen) and we couldn't have had a better time.  

One of the MANY birds that tried to partake in our lunch picnic!

Dolphins spotted behind a small fishing boat!
On Tuesday evening, we headed to the Fish House Restaurant at the Blue Water Point Marina for an anniversary dinner (sans Jason of course).  Reagan sported her Carolina dress (courtesy of Grammy Betty) and we all enjoyed a wonderful meal.  After dinner, we drove around and saw some of the huge houses on the island.  
Seriously, I couldn't resist putting Reagan inside this giant clam sh…

Oak Island Getaway

On Sunday, September 11th, Grandma and Grandpa loaded the van to capacity (compete with Reagan and Daisy) and followed Tommy and me in the Subaru to Oak Island.  We are lucky enough to have a dear friend (really Reagan's other grammy!) who owns a house on Oak Island and offered to let us stay for the week!  It was such a wonderful trip, that I'm going to break it up into several posts to make sure I capture it all.

When we arrived on Sunday in the early afternoon, we quickly unpacked our things, had a cocktail, and then, while Grandma got the kitchen unpacked and organized, Grandpa, Reagan and I headed to the beach for a walk.  It was the perfect afternoon, with temps in the low-80s, so we headed toward the pier to the right.  After about a mile, I was feeling restless, so I took off running.  I made it to the pier and then headed back towards the 49th street sign to meet Grandpa and Reagan.  It felt great!  And as always, my camera was in tow wherever we went, so prepare you…

Stephen Siller Tunnel to Towers 5k

On September 10th, nearly 30 ladies from the best running group around, Stroller Warriors, took part in the Stephen Siller Tunnel to Tower 5k.  If you have a minute, check out the backstory here.  It's truly touching and inspiring.

We gathered at the Jacksonville USO (oldest USO in the world!) and started the race around 9:15.  Luckily, Fil was willing to get up early with me and watch Reagan while I ran the 5k, so I donned my headphones, and took off close to the front of the group with some fellow Stroller Warriors.  I had aspirations of running somewhere in the vicinity of 24:30, but wasn't sure how I would fare sans stroller.  With guidance from our "fearless leader," Stephanie, I started out strong but not too fast.  As one mile turned into two, I was feeling great and decided to pick it up.  I ended up crossing the line in 22:11 (a post-baby PR for sure!) and was thrilled.  A huge thanks to my FIL for not only watching Reagan for me, but also taking pictures o…

Marry Me...Today and Every Day

Dear Jason,

While I realize you cannot see this entry on the blog, I am not necessarily writing this for you.  I have already sent you a card, which will probably get to you no less than 2 weeks after today, and a package with a few extra goodies inside.  I am writing this on the blog so our family and friends know just how lucky I am to be celebrating my 3rd anniversary of being married to the most wonderful man I've ever met.

Our paths crossed for a moment over 9 years ago. But we went different ways. Then, in the summer of 2006, we both checked into the Barracks. It was an immediate friendship that I will forever be grateful for. We had only been friends for a few short months when my father passed away.  You were the first one to extend a hand and make sure I was ok. I never told you then, but it meant the world to me and I wanted desperately to tell you.  But I didn't have the words then.

In September 2007, I stayed in town to celebrate your birthday with you and your am…

Visit to Mike's Farm

One of the perks of living in the sticks of Eastern NC, is Mike's Farm.  It's a delightful place located in Back Swamp, NC where they have animals to feed, tractors to ride, and pumpkins to pick.  All in all, you simply cannot have a bad time there.  Additionally, they have a restaurant and small country store open Thursday-Saturday (guess business is good when you only have to open 3 days a week!).  The restaurant is a family style place that serves a set menu:
Fried Chicken Pork Tenderloin Mac n' Cheese (sprinkled with just a hint of crack...ok, not really, but something makes it incredible!) Green Beans Corn Mashed Potatoes & Gravy Ham Biscuits A Choice of Desserts (but you're insane if you don't order the cheesecake)
We arrived at the farm a bit before our scheduled time to meet Maureen, Brian and Sean so we could feed the animals.  Reagan had fun and even let me hold her hand out full of corn and let the big ram eat right from it!  After our fun with furry friends,…