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Scooting & Riding

On Savannah's birthday, Daddy came home with some special presents for our girl...a scooter, helmet and elbow/knee pads! This little daredevil mounted the scooter at the top of the stairs and asked if she could ride down!!! After convincing her that probably wasn't the safest plan, we donned our gear and headed outside. Several months ago, Reagan learned to ride without training wheels. She falls fairly frequently and has been hesitant to practice. When we got to California, we snagged some knee and elbow pads for her hoping that would do the worked! She hopped right on the bike and didn't skip a beat. Turns out the old adage is true:)
Savannah had a blast figuring out her scooter and did a great job riding! Our neighborhood is small...only one street with several speed bumps, so unlike our house in Mt Vernon, we feel safe letting the girls ride in the street. It's nice and flat and wide enough for turns which was perfect!

Jason is sporting his new hat from …

Savannah's Pre-Birthday Dinner

Last Monday, Jason returned from 10 days in the field and was ready for some real food! We decided to check out a place in the Oceanside Harbor, Rockin' Baja. It was another gorgeous night, so we dined outside. We were also celebrating Savannah's 3rd birthday! The food was delicious, the beer was cheap, and the girls were happy to play along the Harbor wall (we could see them from our table).  The girls have always liked corn on the cob, and they love that you can get it almost anywhere out here. The specialty is Mexican street corn; however, Reagan likes to scrape off the toppings (crema, cheese, chili powder and cilantro) and eat it with just a hint of flavor:) They were both happy to enjoy their own ear that night! We were treated to a beautiful sunset, and Savannah got a GIANT ice cream sundae for one of many birthday desserts!

Savannah was trying to drink the rest of her ice cream!
The big 3!!!

A Visit from the Payne Family!

One of the perks of being a military family is all the wonderful people you meet along the way! In North Carolina, Katie and I became great friends through our running club, Stroller Warriors. Our oldest girls are just one month apart and they spent a year and a half seeing each other nearly every day! We were lucky enough to have the Payne family just 1.5 miles down the road, so a quick text typically resulted in a play/wine date for the girls and mommas! 
But the military pulls you away from those you become close with...and in 2012, we headed to VA and shortly after, the Payne's moved to Yuma, AZ. It's been 2 years since we've seen each other, so when I found out they were making a dash to the beach for the weekend, I knew we had to see them! The girls and I got up Sunday morning, grabbed some bagels and drinks and drove to the beach cottages on base. In .2 seconds, the girls were reacquainted and dining al fresco:)
This also gave me the chance to meet the newest addit…