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Savannah Time

Someday, Savannah is going to be furious with me for posting this, but since she can't string together more than two words right now, I'm doing it anyway:) While Reagan watched some cartoons, I decided to give Savannah a bath. Whenever she's reached the witching hour and nothing makes her happy, a bath is always the answer. As I was putting away a few things in her room, she played in the bathroom. Naturally, I grabbed my camera...

Love that belly!
What a face!

Dress Up & Tea Parties

After nearly a week of being sick, we were all happy to be back to 100%! And Jason was returning home after being in Quantico for the week, so everyone was happy! The girls donned their favorite dress up clothes, Savannah did her make-up with some markers Reagan left around, and we moved the furniture and cranked some tunes for a dance party! The girls and I had a wonderful time, and they finished off the fun night with a tea party. Love nights like this!

Yes, she stepped right off the couch. Yes, she rolled. No, she didn't cry!

Sick Days

The same week Jason picked up his company for OCS, Reagan and I came down with terrible colds/strep throat. Thanks to Jessica, I was able to get Reagan to the doctor for some medicine without having Savannah in, that made life so much easier! Thanks Jess!
Poor Reagan was down and out. She spent three days just lounging on the couch in front of Disney Jr.  Rest really was the best medicine for her, but of course, that was difficult to do with Savannah around. Savvy was a good sport though and did her best to get into everything possible:)

I snapped this picture because I wanted to capture the one thing we always need and can never find...Savannah's slippy cup. It was perfect timing that she reached into the frame. Love that little hand.