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Weekend Recap

Saturday turned out to be quite a productive and fun day for the Goodale family. We woke up early and Jason made us a delicious breakfast of bacon and eggs! Then Reagan and I headed out to Southwest Strawberry farms to meet some friends and pick berries:

As you can see, it didn't take long to convince Reagan that she could eat some of the berries:) After watching the rest of us pick them for a few minutes, she finally started putting every third berry into the bucket instead of munching on it!

Overall, Reagan did a great job picking the strawberries. By the end though, her face was covered in red juice and I feared that the ladies at the checkout were going to make me weigh her to pay for all her mid-picking snacking:)
Reagan and her friend, Emma
When we finished, Kelley and I loaded up our vehicles and headed toward the Onslow County Farmer's Market. In true Jennifer-fashion, about 2 minutes down the road from the berry farm, I heard a small thud and saw a whirl of red flying …

Another Day at the Beach

Before heading north to celebrate Easter with the family, Reagan and I went to North Topsail Island to meet some old family friends! When I was younger, I used to nanny for three kids. The oldest one, Bennett, is now finishing up his first year at UNC! We were lucky enough to get to spend some time with Jan (the mom), Brooks, and John Sprinkle and some of their extended family. Here are a few pictures from our day in the sun:

Brooks on her search for seashells
Reagan and Brooks (of course Reagan is attempting to kiss her:)
Reagan discovered that she LOVES Cheetos
John and Brooks - This kid was not even in school when I headed to CA for my first tour in the Marine Corps!
Brooks and Reagan again - it's was quite windy if you can't tell!
The Sprinkle Family was a huge part of my life when I was growing up, and it was so nice to reconnect with them. 

Exercise: Reagan Style

A few days ago, we were watching TV with Reagan and she saw some people doing jumping jacks. Well, she can't exactly jump yet, but that doesn't stop her. Here's a series of pictures of her "exercising" in the backyard:

Easter Brunch in Virginia

On Easter Sunday, we woke up early for the pre-church egg hunt. The Tuesday beforehand, Reagan participated in her first ever egg hunt. We were told that children were limited to 12 eggs to ensure everyone got the same amount. This didn't prove to be an issue as Reagan picked up her first (and only) egg, discovering that there was candy inside! Yup, she finished the hunt with just one:) Well, on the actual day, we used real eggs and she absolutely loved it.

In fact, I think she picked up more than a dozen in total! Then she got to open her first of two Easter baskets and wanted to play with or eat everything inside:

We took a couple pictures before church and Reagan loved her new Easter dress that Grandma picked out for her!

We headed to church where Reagan surprised all of us with her good behavior. She even went up to the front with Grandma for children's time. Her only mistake was running wildly up the aisle after a quick trip to the potty, shrieking wildly at the site of …