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Fall Decor

We are actually in VA right now, but before we left, I made some decorations and added existing ones to create a tablescape for the fall. We plan to spend November at home, so I wanted to return to an already decorated house.

Moss covered rocks - $1, Ball of hemp + old beer bottles - $5
Ribbon - $2, Peat Moss - $1

Happy Girl!

And how cute are the pajamas that Jessica got for her?!

Impromptu Husbandless Pizza and Beer

I belong to a Facebook group called Husbandless Pizza. It's a group created for those of us with deployed spouses. We try to meet twice a month, but every once in a while, a perfect opportunity presents itself for a get together. Last Sunday was one of those evenings. Great weather, pizza, beer, cupcakes and other husbandless friends! We headed out to Hospital Point (on base) and let the kiddos play on the jungle gyms and just enjoyed some good old fashioned fun. We almost declined the invite, and I'm so glad we decided to go. What a great way to spend a Sunday night!

Some of my deploymates!

Seriously, it was gorgeous out by the water!

A Baby Shower

Alexis hosted a baby shower for our friend Jess Turner on Saturday morning. She worked hard to make it a special event and everything was fabulous. Jess is having a girl, Savannah, and is due on the 21st of November. We all had a great time and ate way too much yummy food. Alexis' niece, Caroline, who is a week younger than Reagan, was also there and it was nice to see them interact. Here are some pictures from the shower:

Handmade by Alexis - name blocks
Handmade chocolate favors from one of the guests
Cute party favors
Cake made by the same guest who made the chocolates!
Delicious spread of food
Hostess and the guest of honor
Beautiful Caroline
One of the two games played...Jess did NOT like this one
Reagan and her Aunt Alexis

Mullet Festival

Swansboro celebrates the annual Mullet Festival each October (for the fish, not the 80s hairstyle). After our 5k on Saturday morning, we headed to the festival to check it out. Unfortunately, we were crunched for time, so it was literally a quick walk through. There were probably 150+ vendors selling homemade items, food trucks, a fire prevention booth complete with fire trucks, and bands. We missed the earlier parade. I wish we had more time to browse, but it was fun anyway. Here are a few pictures from the event:

Our little monkey, surveying the sites from the safety of the Bob
These tents lines several streets and housed the individual vendors
A band playing in the Historic Swansboro pavillion
What's a festival without fried pickles and funnel cake?!
Local dance school showing off their routines
Tax dollars at work to outfit this anti-drug police vehicle


One of my best friends, Lynsey, is celebrating her 31st birthday today! We have seen each other through good times and bad, marriage and childbirth, and everything in between. I love you Lyns and I hope you have a wonderful day! Thanks for always being there for me. Especially during those first few months of motherhood, I don't think I would have made it through without your daily text messages and weekly phone calls. You are one in a million and I'm so lucky to not only call you my friend, but also, my sister.

Picking me up from the airport
A night out in Richmond
Lynsey's fabulous wedding day!
There for Reagan's birth!

Run for the Tatas

Recently, my dear friend Lynsey's mother was diagnosed with breast cancer after a routine mammogram. It's always difficult to see your friends go through something like this, but Betty is truly a second mother to me. In high school I lived with them for several weeks (or months) at a time. She introduces me to people as her other daughter (only to receive very confused looks:). Betty is one of the strongest women I know; therefore, I have no doubt that she will beat this. 
There is never a fitting time to be diagnosed with breast cancer, but if it's going to happen, then October (National Breast Cancer Awareness Month) seems to be a perfectly good time. In the past, I've run races without regard for the cause. Yesterday was different. I completed Run for the Tatas in Wilmington in Betty's honor. It pushed me to run faster and dig deeper. And in your honor, I ran my new stroller PR (23:15)!
My thoughts and prayers continue to be with you Betty as you navigate this …

One year later...

I've finally organized Reagan's clothes. It's amazing how many clothes one little girl can accumulate. They are arranged by size and I have another big box for donation. For now they fit in her closet, but we're going to have to figure something out in another year!

Why I Wanted to Have Kids

I'm not sure why anyone else decided to have kids, but I wanted them so I could dress them up in funny things. Thus far, I've been fairly restrained and only put her in tutus, monkey costumes, and a funny hat or two. But those days are over. Consider this the first of many posts...

Someone didn't like mustache fun!
Next time we'll try this earlier in the day...right before bed may not have been the best decision
Who cares about these wings...mommy finally let me hold her phone!
Do these wings make my gut look smaller?!

Fun at the Onslow County Fair

Growing up, my absolute favorite event of the year was the Dixie Classic Fair. We would save our pennies just to throw them away at dart games, fishbowl tosses, and other various carnival activities. Also, we never left without first devouring a funnel cake. 
Somehow, the Onslow County Fair just doesn't compete. It's quite tiny by comparison with only a few food vendors and a handful of rides, but I couldn't pass it up. We went last year when Reagan was just a few months old, and Jason and I enjoyed ridiculous amounts of fried goodness. This year, it was just Reagan and I.  Not nearly as fun. But we did have a decent time, checking out the animals and eating ice cream, a corn dog, and a deep fried Oreo (not nearly as good as it sounds). 

Reagan's current 32 inches was 4 inches short of the minimum on all rides:(
But pay a carny $5 to play this fishing game for an unlimited time without having to take one of those disgusting stuffed animals home.
And an outing in Jacksonv…

Happy Fall

My favorite season is here! Cooler temps (perfect for running), wonderful smells (weird that dead leaves have a nice smell), and county fairs...what's not to love?! On the first day of October, we went to Mike's Farm with some friends from Stroller Warriors. It was packed with people going on hayrides and picking out their pumpkins. We had a great time visiting the animals and riding the John Deere tractors again. Here are some pictures from that day:

Reagan and Chloe

Blonde, brunette, and a redhead...perfect trio:)