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Spring Break 2016 - Part 3

Colleen signed the Max and the girls up for a neighborhood Easter egg hunt on Sunday afternoon! She got them the cutest baskets for collecting eggs. What a thoughtful friend! We walked over to the clubhouse for the hunt and arrived a bit early, so we played on the basketball court until it was time to start.

It may have taken a big lift from Uncle Keith to get her up there!
The organizers did a wonderful job of setting up the clubhouse. There were props for photos, pin-the-tail-on-the-bunny, and tons of snacks for the kids. 

There was an area set up for the smaller kids, so I followed Savannah as she picked up a few eggs.

She's easily distracted by whats inside the eggs:)
By the time I finished with Savannah, the bigger kids had found all the eggs, so no pictures of Max and Reagan on the hunt. But Reagan did find a golden egg and was so proud! 

Reagan was bummed because some of the bigger kids had huge buckets filled with eggs and she didn't get that many, but she smiled for me …

Spring Break 2016 - Part 2

After a relaxing Sunday morning, we took the kids to a park nearby. It was chilly and the playground was wet, but they still had fun. And Miles may just be the most easy going baby ever. He sat contently in the stroller while the big kids ran around...never made a peep. Reagan and Max entertained themselves by jumping off a short wall and racing across the park, and Savannah just tried to move all the mulch onto the sidewalk. 

What a handsome boy!

Spring Break 2016 - Part 1

Since Jason is on his Pacific tour and the girls are on spring break, we decided to go on an adventure of our own! Saturday started with a birthday party at Chuck E Cheese, followed by a quick visit with Grandma & Papa. I raced home, packed the car while the girls napped, then we headed south for a potluck with the SAW spouses. We stayed for a couple hours - the girls playing with the other children, and me socializing with the other women. It was a great time.

After a speedy run through Target, we hit the road for NC around 7pm. Reagan and Savannah are both great travelers. Especially since we got the DVD player. I popped in a movie and before I knew it, they were both sleeping soundly and I was cruising along without any traffic. I always love driving at night...even as the rain poured down.

We got to Colleen & Keith's house by 11:30. I got the girls changed and in bed, then stayed up way too late chatting with Keith & Colleen who had just gotten home at midnight fro…

Hiking with Friends - Roosevelt Island

An old Marine Corps friend recently moved to the area, and we decided to meet up with the kiddos and take them hiking at Roosevelt Island. We had a great range of ages with 6, 5, 3, and 2-year olds. And as children do, they became instant friends. There's a loop about a mile and a quarter, so the kids spent most of the time running wild, but at one point, all four did hop into the Bob:) 
The best (and sometimes annoying) part of hiking with kids is that whenever they are distracted by something, you just stop and explore. There's no rush to get to the end. We found a log that crossed some wetlands and they took the time to cross it.

We came to a portion of the trail that went under a bridge where there was some great graffiti. I'd love to take the girls back and do some more pictures there! By this point, Reagan had taken quite a spill, ripping her pants and resulting in a bloodied knee, so she wasn't in smiling mode:)

Solenne, Felicia & Ronan

Savannah was a wild w…