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Busted: Cheese? What Cheese?!


Aunt Lauren & Uncle Adam Come to NC!!

Just after the new year's weekend, our dear friends, Lauren & Adam, called and said they were passing through on a whirlwind road trip. Naturally we insisted they come and stay for a couple days. They arrived on the 4th and Jason worked a half day and then came home to prepare a delicious meal. He made French Onion Soup and Coq Au Vin, both of which were phenomenal! The following day, we hung out around the house and then drove to base to meet Jason at the O-Club for lunch. After a half day of work, we headed home and lounged around the firepit in the backyard. It was such a great time and Reagan loved Adam & Lauren:

That evening, they treated us to a fantastic dinner at one of our favorite local restaurants, Ducks. We were so thrilled to see them and cannot wait for their wedding in May! Thanks so much for visiting! We love you guys!

Arriba, Abajo, Al Centro, Al Dento!

Typically a toast reserved for tequila shots, but I like it, so we're going with it. Jason bought a round of Jameson for the boys (and me) close to the end of our time at the bar. No words will express just how much Keith did NOT want to take this shot (and probaby Fish too!). Thank goodness Colleen had the camera at the ready:

Note the lack of smile on his face (far right for those who don't know Keith)
Glazed over, but willing to take the shot anyway...good friend
Hmm, maybe if I sip it...
Here's where it get's good...keep looking at Keith
Taking it like a man. Good work Keith.

The First Day of 2012

On the Sunday following New Year's Eve, the guys were excited to watch some football and the ladies were excited to relax at home! So we did just that. But after a bit, we decided to go to the bar and meet the crowd and get a bite to eat.

Reagan had a blast hanging out with her daddy:

It may have taken a few days to warm up to him, but now this kid is really "daddy's girl!"

Do They Come Any Cuter?!

As you know, we got to spend the New Year's weekend with the Belward's in Raleigh. One of the best parts of the whole weekend was watching Max ham it up for the camera. I know he's not even a year yet, but the kid know's when to smile (trust me, I've got his 6-month pictures from school!). Here are a few of my favorites of this super happy little guy:

Give me the keys dad, I'm ready to go!
Max and his beautiful mama!

Love the hair!

Hail to the Redskins!
Someone had too much fun:)

A Night on the Town!

On December 30th, once Jason was finished with work, we loaded up the car and headed West towards Raleigh to visit Keith, Colleen, and Max to ring in the New Year. They generously offered us one of their spare rooms and are always accepting of our nutty dog:) We got there around 3:45 and enjoyed a relaxing afternoon at their house. We were thrilled to see this cute little guy who has grown so much:

Around 7:30, we gave the babies a bath and then got them settled down for the night. Once both kiddos were asleep, Grandma Jill came to the rescue to babysit and Keith, Colleen, Jason and I departed for our 9 pm dinner reservation at the Angus Barn. The restaurant was still decorated for Christmas and looked absolutely beautiful, and naturally, I had to take pictures:)

After an incredible dinner, bottle of wine, tasty blackberry cobbler w/ ice cream dessert, and a bottle of champagne, we were invited by our server to take a tour of the wine cellar:

The wine cellar boasts some VERY old bottl…

Potty Time!

We have been offering Reagan the chance to use the potty for about a month and a half. We do this whenever we are changing her diaper, right before bath time, and whenever she gets "the look!" Until Christmas, she only had a small seat that sits on top of the real toilet...something like this:
For Christmas, Reagan got a big girl potty from her great grandmother! Very exciting stuff. She also sent a cute book about "my first potty" that Reagan insists we read whenever she's sitting on it.  
I wasn't sure how she would react to the new potty, but on her second attempt, SUCCESS! 
Yes, I HAD to include a picture!
She has also done bigger business in it, but no need for pictures of that:) It's been quite a hit in the Goodale house and she loves to "flush" it. 



Trip to the Children's Museum

Yesterday, we took advantage of Jason having the day off and headed to Wilmington to visit the Children's Museum. We had a great time and spent two hours exploring four floors worth of toys and activities specifically designed for children. 
This place has an art room where you can create projects to take home, a pretend dentist & doctor's office that would be perfect for taking the fear out of those things, and tons of other things. Here are a few pictures from our trip:
The art room
For the first 30 minutes, Reagan refused to put down this stack of Solo cups:) But isn't she a cute pirate?!
Driving the boat

The best part of the museum was the "grocery store," complete with carts, food and a checkout counter! Reagan absolutely loved this part and spent quite a bit of time selecting things for her cart. So cute!
And I'm a photography nerd, so I wanted to share my kaleidoscope shot:


Three days after Christmas, Reagan finished opening her presents. And she saved the best for last! Grandma & Grandpa sent her a beautiful (and super comfy!) Pottery Barn Kids chair. She has been eyeing the ones at her friends' houses and was definitely ready for one of her very own.

The pattern they picked is perfect and we LOVE the monogram!