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Putt-Putt at the Beach

We had some HOT days at the beach, but that didn't stop us from checking things off our vacation bucket list:) Reagan loves playing mini golf...or rather, she loves the idea of playing mini golf. By the fourth hole, she gets hot and bored and wants to race through to the end. Each year, she is more engaged, but she still requires LOTS of motivation and the promise of ice cream to get though all 18 holes. Savannah was a wild woman on the course, throwing her ball into the water, swinging her club without a care of where it landed. We had some fun though. And of course, Jason won!

An Evening at the Beach

There is nothing better than hanging out on the deck at the beach on a beautiful night with a cool breeze. The girls were having a blast chasing each other and playing with the dogs. I took advantage of the golden hour and snapped some pictures of them.

Climbing the Lighthouse

On the second hottest day of our beach trip, we decided to take the girls up to the Currituck Beach Lighthouse. Reagan did a great job and climbed the stairs without complaining. Jason carried Savannah up with a few breaks to rest his arms...she's probably over 30 pounds, so that's quite a feat! We made it to the top fairly quickly and spent some time enjoying the awesome 360-degree views. Even got someone to take our family picture.

Beach Trip!

At the end of June, we headed to the beach, just the four of us for a little rest and relaxation! On this particular day, it was super hot and the water was freezing, but we stayed out there for most of the day and had a great time! Jason and Reagan even swam with the dolphins for a bit! 

Picking Berries in the Front Yard

Last Friday, I spent the afternoon taking photos at a friend's retirement ceremony. I realized that I've been shooting so many photos of other people as I try to build my business, and stopped taking pictures of the girls. Too often, I rely on my iPhone to capture our memories. And while that's convenient, it's not a direction I want to go. 
When the girls get home from school in the summer, they like to go check the raspberry bushes to see if any berries are ripe for eating. As I unloaded the van, I stopped, grabbed my camera and started shooting. The lighting was great and Savannah looked like a little farmer in her overalls:) Here are a few shots of the one of the moments they were getting along.