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Raleigh Fun!

On 17 May, Jason got home from work at his usual time, and we stopped at Gary Mike & Terry's for Friday night pizza before hitting the road for North Carolina. We finally got in the car and headed south around 8pm, which was perfect because Reagan was dressed for bed and settled in with her DVD player immediately! She watched some Tweety Bird episodes before falling asleep around 8:45, I alternated between reading and dozing, and Jason focused on making good time and enjoyed a book on CD. Just before we arrived, around 11:30, Reagan woke up and said, "What happened to my DVR? Can I watch Beauty [Beauty and the Beast]?" It was so cute! We arrived a minute before midnight. 
Reagan stayed up for way too long, and by 2:30am when she finally fell asleep with us, Max woke up and kept Colleen and Keith awake! Oh the days before these kiddos stole our sleep:) No worries, they woke up happy and Keith entertained them the next morning:

While Colleen and I got ready to drive t…

Caroline Turns 1

On May 18th, Reagan and I got to go to Caroline's 1st Birthday party!!! We actually linked up with Colleen & Max the night before and hitched a ride with them:) We arrived a bit late because I forgot my camera and realized about 15 minutes into our trip! Nevertheless, we made it just in time to see the beautiful setup that Lynsey should be famous for!! Sadly, after the photo op, the rain started coming and we had to move everything inside. 

Big brother Mason!

Check out the icing on these! Four different kinds and they were all delicious!
Birthday girl, Miss Caroline, Brian, Mason and Lynsey!
Cousin Ethan came to celebrate too:)
I love these decorations!
Caroline has been a ham since the day she learned what a camera was! This girl takes the cutest pictures. Here she is just cheezing away for me:)

Lynsey seriously thinks of everything! Despite the rain, she still let the older kids decorate their own cupcakes...inside...with sprinkles EVERYWHERE!

Auntie Colleen and the birthday girl…

Too Young for Politics?

In mid-May, Reagan and I visited Daddy in his office at the Rayburn building. We had been before, but never had the opportunity to meet the congressman (Mac Thornberry). This was our lucky day though, as he had just a second to say hello to us before heading off to a vote. 
Reagan was shy in this picture, but a minute before, she was up in his arms looking at the things on his bookshelf!
After meeting the congressman, we ate some lunch and hung out with daddy's co-workers. Reagan had a blast "working" in different cubicles!

And once lunch was finished and the congressman had left the building, we let Reagan sit in his chair!