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UVA Football Game!

Last Saturday, Papa, Jason, Reagan, Savannah and I went to the UVA football game. Papa made us some delicious breakfast burritos to eat on the way down and the trip was uneventful (except for the stop we had to make 5 minutes out due to a diaper emergency!). We expected lousy weather, so Jason immediately headed to the parking garage near the bookstore. We got a great spot (much to the chagrin of some longtime tailgaters) and set up the new tent J got for his birthday. We had a great spot considering the weather and stayed nice and dry. Compared to the people next to us, we may as well have brought dog food (they went all out with table decor and enough fancy dishes to feed most of the stadium:), but we enjoyed it. Grandma sent the cutest cheese ball in the shape of a pumpkin (see it on the far end of the table?!) and it was delicious. We also had some white bean dip, Papa's salsa, chips, veggies, hot dogs and a couple other side dishes. Savannah was very well behaved for her fir…

First Day of Preschool!

The first week of September sure was a busy one for us! Reagan started her new school on Wednesday! She started the day by picking out her own outfit!

Daddy drove her to school and there were no tears upon his departure!!!  (Such a welcomed change from the first few MONTHS at the CDC!!)  Three hours later, Colleen, Max and I went to pick her up. Reagan announced that she had a great time and then promptly smooched Max:) What a great first day of preschool!! 

(Reagan is going to school MWF from 9-12. The school is just 1 mile away and we can walk to and from for drop off. Her teacher's name is Mrs. Brenda and she has about 8-10 other kids in her class depending on the day.)

Reagan's First Dance Class!

In July, one of the ladies at the daycare center told me about a dance class for 3 and 4-year olds that was taking place at Ft. Belvoir. I have been looking for a reasonably priced class that was local and this was perfect. I immediately called and signed Reagan up. She had been watching Angelina Ballerina and been putting on "showcases" for the last month, so she was thrilled when I told her. While the Belward's were here, Reagan had her first class! I left Savannah sleeping in Keith's arms, and we three girls headed to the base. Of course I had to take a few pictures of my little ballerina before her class:

Walking in with Auntie Colleen

There are about 10 little girls in her class and one very patient teacher! All of the parents have to go into a separate room and watch the class via video camera. It's quite possibly the cutest thing I've ever seen. I'm hoping I can get permission to take pictures during class...we'll see. Love my little dancer!

The Belward's Are In Town!

Colleen, Keith and Max went to CT for the Labor Day weekend. On their return trip home, they came to visit us!!! As always, it was wonderful to see them.  All of us have a similar approach to parenting, so it definitely makes hanging out super simple and relaxing!
Max was absolutely smitten with "Baby Savannah" and took every opportunity to hold her. If he left the room, he would proudly announce, "Tell Baby Savannah I be right back!" Way too adorable!!!

Keith, another self-proclaimed baby whisperer, was happy to serve as a nap supervisor, holding the baby so long as she was sleeping! 

They brought this awesome marble game for Reagan to play with and both kiddos really liked it! 

And of course, here's one of my favorite shots of Colleen and Savannah! So lucky to have such a wonderful friend!! It was so good to see you guys! We love you and we look forward to your next visit...and then we'll come back to NC:)

Let's Meet the Family (or at least some of them!)

The day we came home, Gary Mike and Terry stopped by to meet Savannah. I'm fairly certain she slept the ENTIRE time. And it was the most beautiful day, we just sat outside and enjoyed it!

A couple days later, GG came over with dinner, flowers and champagne! She held Savannah for a long time and got a little "present" from the baby as well:) 

On their way to an appointment, Grandma and PeePaw came by the house so he could see the baby. As soon as I handed her over, she gave him a little "present" too!! What is it with this girl and her great grandparents?! PeePaw is the baby whisperer, so naturally, she loved him!

On our first Saturday home, Jason, Reagan and Papa went to the UVA home opener, so Grandma was kind enough to come hang out with us. She chauffeured Savannah and I around, stopping in to meet MeeMaw who held her for quite a while and absolutely loved her. Again, she had quite the explosion while hanging with her other great grandmother!

And Morgan was…

Coming Home

Jason and Reagan arrived at the hospital mid-morning on a quiet Sunday and picked us up. Before leaving, we snapped a couple pictures that were similar to those we had taken when bringing Reagan home from the hospital. 

Reagan thought this was a water bottle for drinking (it was clean and unused!!!)

I love this one!
When we pulled up to the house, I immediately noticed that my big girl decorated for her little sister!!! How sweet! (Thanks Glenna for picking up the decorations:)

And we got our first family picture...not one for the ages:)

Jason had a cool idea to take a picture of all our hospital bracelets around Savannah!

The hospital stay was as enjoyable as it could have been, but we were definitely excited to be home! And on her first night at home, Savannah slept in her crib for 3 hours at a time! It was a minor miracle after dealing with Reagan's sleeping habits for the last three years.

First Visitors

Ok, today Savannah is 4 weeks old, so I decided it's about time to get back to blogging. Here are a few pictures of her first visitors!!!
With Grandma
With Papa
Another one with Reagan
And of course, one with Uncle Geoffrey!
We are so blessed to be close to family! These girls will grow up with such wonderful memories of special times with Grandma and Papa and their favorite Uncle Geoffrey! Now, we just need to get Jessica to move wherever we go and get Julie back in the States:) My girls are going to think I'm the only Ryu!!

And Then There Were Two!

On August 23, 2013, Jason and I drove to Ft Belvoir Community Hospital. It was surreal. Just like going in for any other appointment. (Totally different from our experience with Reagan!!) When we checked in, we found out that it was the only scheduled c-section for the day, so all efforts were focused on us. We had two great nurses who did the paperwork, got the IV started, and explained the process to us. As the morning progressed, the doctor performing the c-section came by, the anesthesiologist popped in, and we saw my regular family practice guy, Dr. Monlux. Each was cheerful and feeling good about the procedure, so we didn't have any worries. 
Once everything was ready in the OR and everyone was standing by, I walked out of the room (in the awesome outfit below) and Major Savannah Brookheart (the anesthesiologist) gave me a spinal tap. It began working immediately. I got as comfortable as possible when in the most awkward position of your life and waited until Jason was brou…

Surprise Birthday Visitor!

A few days before Reagan's birthday, she got an AWESOME surprise visit from her bf, Sean Patrick!! Sean's daddy, Brian, called me and said he was going to come by for a bit before heading into Old Town to have dinner with his in-laws...what he didn't mention, was that he was bringing one of our favorite boys! Jason and Reagan were actually out at the store when they arrived, so I got to snap a few photos of the "reunion." They are so adorable together!

Once they were reacquainted, they headed down to Reagan's playroom for some fun! Of course I had to take more pics:

This one will be in the rehearsal dinner slideshow:)