Keeping Busy, Among Other Things

My mother-in-law, Cindi, arrived here on the 6th to be here for the much anticipated arrival of our little girl.  Unfortunately, here we are on the 21st twiddling our thumbs...

So in our efforts to remain busy (and somewhat distracted if that's even possible), we've filled our days with activities.  Here's a quick rundown: we've had guests for dinner twice, gone to my doctor twice, gone to the vet for Daisy twice (more on that later), visited Emerald Isle, Swansboro, Top Sail, and Wilmington, made black pepper pasta from scratch, cleaned the house from top to bottom, gone to Babies R Us, finished a puzzle, played games and taken more walks than I could ever recall.  I don't have pictures of most of it, but here are a few.

Cindi's first attempt at homemade pasta - looks great, huh?!!!

Final Product

Umbrella stroller (from MIL) & the bouncer/swing seat.

A Charles Wysocki puzzle I finally finished putting together.

In addition to the above, MIL has spent most of the last 2 weeks taking excellent care of me.  She's made way too many delicious meals to recount, but here are a couple of my favorite things she's cooked. To the left we have bacon, cheddar, chive biscuits.  And below, is an open-faced sandwich with hummus, avocado/edamame/red pepper and a hard boiled egg!  We at that with tomato basil soup and it was one of the best meals I've ever had!

And finally, here are a few pictures of the pucky dogs and a frog that Daisy May tried to eat.  You'll notice that Daisy's left eye looks a little bit strange...that's because last Thursday morning, she woke up with her eye almost swollen shut.  We took her to a local vet where they found out that she had something (probably a small piece of wood) attached to her cornea.  After attempting to dislodge it by flushing the eye, they ended up having to numb and scrape the item off of her eye. She has been getting eye drops and a pain medicine (ointment that dilates the pupil...hence the strange looking photos) for the last week.  We took her for a follow-up on Monday and she'll be good as new with a bit of scar tissue on the cornea. 

Ms. Daisy May - She looks possessed, doesn't she?!

Mr. Tommy

Daisy's attempted snack - YUCK!


  1. The food looks amazing! Can Cindi be my adopted MIL?


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