Bath Time: PAHM Style

I've mentioned it before, but I will say it again: I love Play At Home Mom!!! This site is the best for ideas to interact with, engage, and teach your children. Reagan takes a bath almost every night. She has the typical assortment of toys (rubber boats, cups, a turtle, etc) to entertain her, but lately, she just leaves them in the bag.

I decided to introduce some new things during bath time and they were a huge hit! Here are some pictures from our "adventures in bath fun."

First up: BUBBLES! It's a bit too cold to just hang out in the yard blowing bubbles, so I decided that bath time would be the perfect opportunity for a mess free bubble party!

I LOVE this shot. 

Secondly, (and straight from PAHM), I added: WATER BALLOONS!!! She absolutely loved when I poked a small hole in them and they became "water fountains!"


  1. Great ideas!! I might try the water balloons with Mason. Hopefully he wont aim it at his sister.


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