More Easter Fun!

On Easter Sunday, we awoke at the crack of dawn and took the kids to church.  They were both well-behaved and we only got a few "looks" from the older patrons who attend the early service for the lack of children!  After church we headed back to Betty & Gray's house for some Easter fun.  We dyed eggs, took pics of the babies in their new handmade onesies that Lynsey got from and Etsy site and opened Easter baskets and buckets (Grammy B made the babies personalized buckets filled with goodies!).  During the bucket opening portion of the day, Reagan climbed over to see what Mason's bucket contained.  She found one of his books and promptly sat down...on top of Mason!  See the picture on the bottom right for a good laugh:)

Here's a close-up of Reagan's gorgeous basket that was made by Barbara Turner!  And it was filled with gifts from Grandma Cindi!  She is always so generous and takes great care of her baby girl!  Reagan had so much fun pulling everything out and most of all, playing with the grass on the bottom:)  
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