Trip to Shenandoah for Leaf Peeping

According to the experts, we missed the peak leaf peeping by a couple days, but from the views we saw, you wouldn't know it. During our recent trip to VA, I convinced Grandma and Grandpa to drive out to Shenandoah with Reagan and look at the beautiful scenery. It was a short drive to the mountains and it was especially great because I wasn't behind the wheel for once. We turned on to Skyline drive just after noon and were treated to delightful views:

We convinced Grandpa to stop at nearly EVERY overlook we passed! Then we drove up to the milepost where Jason and I used to camp and we all made the 1/4 mile walk downhill to the Gravel Springs Hut.

I've camped in this hut several times and it brought back so many great memories. Reagan enjoyed playing by the firepit and in a large pile of leaves too:) The walk back to the car wasn't quite as easy. Reagan used the old, "I'm just a baby, you can't expect me to walk all the way up there" excuse so I got to carry all 25 pounds of her for most of the hike!

Someone HAD to have a walking stick just like Grandma!

At the top we found a nice girl to take our family picture.

On the way back down Skyline Drive, we stopped at a few more overlooks for picture taking:

And at the last overlook, we got some more family pictures:

After our leaf peeping, we treated ourselves to some delicious pizza at Anthony's Pizza X


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