Play Until You Collapse

After our crazy experience with the broken down car in Emporia, Grandpa came to our rescue and returned us to Woodbridge. (For any readers who don't already know, we made it nearly halfway home when the Subaru started lurching uncontrollably and I pulled over. We had a couple cops come to help and call a tow for us. After spending 5 hours at the mechanic shop, we were told that the catalytic converters needed to be replace to the tune of $3200! So with that news, I plopped Reagan in the stroller and went for a jog to clear my head. The kind gentleman at the shop took us to a local Applebee's for dinner and to wait on Grandpa to pick us up.)

During our return trip, we were lucky enough to be treated to a second dinner at Great Grandma's house! After a trip to the grocery store, lunch, and lots of playtime, Reagan just couldn't stay awake any longer. She promptly passed out in Uncle Kevin's arms. Luckily she was exhausted enough that we were able to easily transfer her to a safe napping spot...the floor:)

Reagan was helping stock the fridge:)

Playing with Grandpa is tiring!

I think she weighs twice as much when sleeping!

How cute are these two?! Such a wonderful Great Uncle!

She slept here for nearly 2 hours


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