A Night on the Town!

On December 30th, once Jason was finished with work, we loaded up the car and headed West towards Raleigh to visit Keith, Colleen, and Max to ring in the New Year. They generously offered us one of their spare rooms and are always accepting of our nutty dog:) We got there around 3:45 and enjoyed a relaxing afternoon at their house. We were thrilled to see this cute little guy who has grown so much:

Around 7:30, we gave the babies a bath and then got them settled down for the night. Once both kiddos were asleep, Grandma Jill came to the rescue to babysit and Keith, Colleen, Jason and I departed for our 9 pm dinner reservation at the Angus Barn. The restaurant was still decorated for Christmas and looked absolutely beautiful, and naturally, I had to take pictures:)

After an incredible dinner, bottle of wine, tasty blackberry cobbler w/ ice cream dessert, and a bottle of champagne, we were invited by our server to take a tour of the wine cellar:

The wine cellar boasts some VERY old bottles of wine, and one that's location is only known by the owner and the sommelier that costs $14,000! It also has a couple private rooms with their own bar for all occasions. It was quite a wonderful end to a perfect evening. 

And best of all, I didn't have to spend the entire meal worrying about someone else:)


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