Trip to the Children's Museum

Yesterday, we took advantage of Jason having the day off and headed to Wilmington to visit the Children's Museum. We had a great time and spent two hours exploring four floors worth of toys and activities specifically designed for children. 

This place has an art room where you can create projects to take home, a pretend dentist & doctor's office that would be perfect for taking the fear out of those things, and tons of other things. Here are a few pictures from our trip:

The art room

For the first 30 minutes, Reagan refused to put down this stack of Solo cups:) But isn't she a cute pirate?!

Driving the boat

The best part of the museum was the "grocery store," complete with carts, food and a checkout counter! Reagan absolutely loved this part and spent quite a bit of time selecting things for her cart. So cute!

And I'm a photography nerd, so I wanted to share my kaleidoscope shot:


  1. Looks like a fun place! She is so cute in the grocery store. Love it.


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