Aunt Lauren & Uncle Adam Come to NC!!

Just after the new year's weekend, our dear friends, Lauren & Adam, called and said they were passing through on a whirlwind road trip. Naturally we insisted they come and stay for a couple days. They arrived on the 4th and Jason worked a half day and then came home to prepare a delicious meal. He made French Onion Soup and Coq Au Vin, both of which were phenomenal! The following day, we hung out around the house and then drove to base to meet Jason at the O-Club for lunch. After a half day of work, we headed home and lounged around the firepit in the backyard. It was such a great time and Reagan loved Adam & Lauren:

That evening, they treated us to a fantastic dinner at one of our favorite local restaurants, Ducks. We were so thrilled to see them and cannot wait for their wedding in May! Thanks so much for visiting! We love you guys!


  1. Ah! How wonderful that you got to see each other! Wish we could be there with you.


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