Day 4 - Newcastle

From our first pub to the hotel in Cheltenham, everyone who asked us about our plans and where we were heading responded in kind when we announced proudly that we were stopping in Newcastle for the night, "WHY?!" We were told that there was nothing to see in Newcastle and really no reason to visit the city. Thank goodness we didn't listen!

Some of Jason's family hails from Newcastle, so it was important to us to at least visit the area. We left Cheltenham via train after grabbing some breakfast at the station cafe. The train ride was about 4 hours and quite pleasant. We didn't know where we were staying that night, but as luck would have it, we were able to check into a great hotel right across the street from the station.

It was already starting to get dark, so we headed out quickly to check out the bridges, exactly what Newcastle is famous for. We found a great place called Eye on the Tyne and got the most delicious appetizers EVER!

After that, we walked to Grey's Monument in the city center and looked for a place to eat dinner. It was drizzling slightly, but enough to be annoying, so I suggested we duck into Portofino for some Italian food. And that was the last time I was allowed to select our restaurant! The food wasn't terrible, but it wasn't good either. The service was awful and started with a bang when Jason's wool beanie slipped behind a wall heater and the waiter wanted us to just leave it there. Big mistake. Jason managed to explain to him that if he didn't want the restaurant to catch fire, he better go find a broom handle and help us. Crisis averted, but all in all, the experience left something (ok, a lot) to be desired. We headed back to the hotel and completely forgot the terrible dinner by enjoying HUGE banana splits and some pints. 

The next morning, we headed out for a jog with the camera in tow. It was really more about sightseeing than actual exercise and we had a great time.

Castle Keep

How awesome is this bridge?! The city is so hilly, that it ends up about 5 stories up from the Tyne!

That's Grey's Monument in the background

I couldn't resist getting a picture with the gypsy wagon

After our sightseeing adventure, we ate breakfast at the hotel and then walked across the street to the train station. We had time to kill so we got some drinks...cider for me and a Bloody Mary (or Tabasco Sauce with a double shot of vodka - GROSS) for Jason. Then we boarded the train and left England to continue our journey in Scotland!


  1. How cool that you jogged (almost?) daily on vacation. We're never motivated enough to do that!


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