Cupcake Crazies!

We were so lucky to have Leanne, Connor, and Declan come hangout one afternoon while they were visiting the area (they live in Germany now!). Surprisingly, they all played fairly well together and ate lunch relatively quietly...until Connor and Reagan discovered that falling off their chairs made Declan laugh hysterically:) But they were good enough that Leanne and I were able to eat in the other room and catch up - so that definitely called for CUPCAKES! 

I put some icing on them and gave the kiddos some sprinkles, allowing them to decorate as they wished. Then I just stood back with the camera while Leanne held much fun!

Love the finger stuck in the cupcake:)

Someone is a big fan of icing!

Make that two someones:)

Always delighted to see such wonderful friends. Connor is one of Reagan's first friends, and I hope we will always be close (in spirit now, but we better live close together again too!!).


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