Happy Birthday Geoffrey!!!

To a brother, brother-in-law, and uncle who has been there for the most important moments of our lives...HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! We love you so much, and we are so lucky to have you so close for the past (and next few) years.  

There are brothers and those that share blood.  
But there are a special few, a proud breed, 
who know that blood runs thicker than water, that even stones bleed.
That there are upsides and down, good times and bad,
happy moments that make you sad, and sad times that make you glad.
These times, these moments, these seconds of time,
make I your brother, and forever you mine.

There are no words to describe how important you are to us.  For me (Jason) since the moment I laid eyes on you and knew that you would forever be my brother.  For Jen in finding the brother she never had, but would never let go of.  For the girls, in knowing you since the day they each came into the world and always will...because you're one of the only people who won't put up with their crap:)  We love you and wish you a year of health and happiness!  You are truly special to us and we will never let you forget it.



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