4th of July

On the 4th of July, Reagan, Savannah and I Papa-napped Fil and took him to the park. I love it when he comes on our adventures because it frees my hands to hold the camera...and because he's awesome! It was a gorgeous day and we had a blast!

Setting up the shot...

Nailed it!

Future fireman? (Colleen & Jessica...no stripper jokes. This is a family blog!)

Someone was happy to finally get out of the swing for once and play.

Looks like a serious discussion, right?!

After a great park outing, we caught a quick nap and then headed to Gary Mike & Terry's house for some great food & fireworks with the Goodale crew. It was a wonderful time and we love spending time with everyone!

Hanging with her GG!


Flying with Jess...

Cashed out with Uncle Reese:)

This is a glimpse of the CRAZY AWESOME amount of fireworks Uncle Kev provided for the night! It was ridiculously fun and better than braving the traffic anywhere else to see them. We put on quite a show ourselves!


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