Meeting Miss Allie

The weekend after Reagan's 4th birthday, we headed south to visit our NC buddies! The girls and I hit some terrible traffic en route to Quantico to pick up Jason & Jess, but once we got going, it wasn't too bad…unless you factor in all the crying that Savannah did!!! Let's just say we were in need of a stiff drink upon arrival at the new Belward Mansion!

The next day, the girls abandoned the children with the boys and drove to Lexington to meet Miss Allie. We made decent time after visiting the world's slowest Dunkin' Donuts and pulled into the driveway to see Brian mowing the backyard and holding one sleepy girl!

Allie was napping too, but that didn't stop Colleen from holding her!

Mason remembered Jess from her recent visit on her way from KS to VA, so they were instant buddies...

She wasn't nearly as comfortable with the little one:) 

Lynsey is one proud mama and looked surprisingly rested!

We spent time just catching up, complaining about life, and making bold statements about how in the future, we'll get together more often. It was a great morning and Miss Allie couldn't be more adorable and sweet. She didn't make a single peep while we were there.


  1. I really appreciate you all making the trip to come meet our newest and LAST addition. :) It meant a lot to me. Thanks for being such great friends.


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