Reagan Turns 4!

Playing catch up! 2 months ago, Reagan turned 4! Here are the highlights from her year as a 3-year old:

- Became a big sister!
- First year of preschool - Mrs. Brenda's class at Wesley Methodist 
- Two dance classes & a swimming class - Miss Angie's class at Ft. Belvoir & the local rec center
- Learned to recognize letters & numbers - can write "Reagan"
- Learned to ride a scooter & started to get the hang of her glider bike
- Selected Alfred Morris as her favorite Redskins player
- Loves to eat almost everything (except green beans & sweet potatoes)
- Adores spending time with Grandma & Papa
- Best bud is Max...but has made friends here in VA - Emily (from the CDC) and Timmy & Joshy (from church) and Cassie (from school)

This has been a great year for our girl! Reagan drives us crazy, but she makes us laugh, she loves her sister more than anything, and she is going to do something great someday. 

On her actual birthday, we celebrated with Grandma, Papa, Geoffrey, Glenna & Jessica! We had fried chicken & a princess ice cream cake from DQ. Then we set up the girls' joint birthday outdoor playhouse! As soon as it was completed, Reagan invited everyone in for happy hour and cocktails...LOVE THIS GIRL!!!


  1. Great pictures! I love that she wanted to host cocktail hour... teaching her right. :)


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