NC for NYE - Part 3

I'm not exactly sure when we joined this fabulous tradition, but I do know that over the years, the PJ party has definitely changed:) We used to party all night, passing around a mason jar of moonshine, and burning Christmas trees…

A few kids later and my how times have changed! We still have a blast, but we have definitely tamed the festivities. This year, we had a blast, but as with every other celebration, it's impossible to have too much fun for worry about what the next day will bring. No matter how late these children go to sleep, they are always awake early and require feeding and entertainment:) 

Despite the sudden case of pinkeye, Colleen & Keith's friends still came over to celebrate the New Year. We had way too much food and a wonderful time. Savannah even had someone to play with...

Thanks Keith!

This basically sums up our girl…always climbing on things to get into trouble!!!

Aunts and Uncles are the best. Especially for exhausted parents. Adam, Tiffany and Jess never seem to tire of playing with the kiddos. It's fantastic. And it was no different when we added more to the crew. In fact, they all loved Uncle Adam, aka Batman, and the Nerf guns…all evening. 


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