NC for NYE - Part 1

After a rough start to our NC visit - Reagan had to go to Urgent Care on our first night due to a case of "trauma-induced" pinkeye:), we settled into the normal routine of the boys making fun of the girls, the girls ignoring the boys, and the kids playing/fighting all day long. We always love going to see Colleen & Keith, and this visit was even better because Tiffany, Nick & Adam were there too! 

The day after we arrived, Auntie Tiffany supervised the most fun bath time these munchkins have had in a long time. Colleen's tub is like a small swimming pool, perfect for three children! I think they were in there for an hour!

While the children bathed/napped/played, the adults turned to on prep work for the NYE party. 

Nick was in Supervisor mode.

Keith was trying not to get his butt kicked by some hardboiled eggs.

Savannah was just being weird:)

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Throughout the weekend, Keith donned this costume...this is not Keith by the way:) Every time he put it on, reached for it, or even made a move toward the closet where it was stored, Savannah melted down. Being the fantastic parents we are, we decided to capture the fear on camera. I think our efforts paid off...

Sheer terror.

While she's not keen on the cooking, Colleen is awesome with the dishes. Look at that smile!

Apparently Keith was NOT Savannah's favorite person this trip!

For the most part, Reagan and Max have fun together. They love to watch the same cartoons and Max has enough toys in his playroom that they can actually do their own thing for hours without actually interacting. However, they do quite a lot of fighting...and hitting...and tattling. To combat this, we were strict with our "face-the-wall" punishments over the holiday:) 

Someday they are going to be so mad about this:)


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