Christmas Day!

As per her usual, Reagan was up EARLY on Christmas morning. That girl hates sleep:) We asked her to go back to her room for a bit, which she happily did because she knew what awaited. Once it was a reasonable hour and Savannah was stirring, we got both girls and headed down to start Christmas!

Savannah got her own phone.

Santa brought Reagan a set of emergency vehicles which were a big hit! And Uncle Adam and Auntie Lauren sent two awesome gifts - a plant & grow set for Reagan and a recycling truck with a remote for Savannah - which were also well received! 

Reagan asked Santa for a Spider-Man toy and he delivered to one very happy girl!

And her cousins, Morgan & Michael, gave her such an awesome Elsa print! It's hanging in the playroom and it's perfect!

Thanks to a UPS mixup, Jess and I got matching fleece-lined flannel shirts from LL Bean! 

Only the best aunts play tea party with their nieces! 

Jason even got a few minutes to relax and read his new Food Trucks cookbook!

After a nice walk and bike ride (for Reagan), Grandma, Papa & Geoffrey arrived for Christmas, part two! I swear there were more presents in this round!

We headed out for Chinese this year. A great idea for those of us who don't like cooking and cleaning:) Then Reagan got to take a bath and use another present...shaving cream! Again, the best aunt ever participated in the fun!

And Savannah was happy to have Daddy read her new books before bedtime!

As always, it was a great Christmas! Couldn't ask for a better celebration!


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