Playdate with Friends

Earlier this year, we got a visit from some of our best NC buddies! Reagan has known Connor and Hailey practically since birth! Leanne and her crew were visiting from Germany, and Amber and her girls came in from CA. We were so glad that we found a date that worked and that the weather allowed for this to happen! So much fun to see how much these kids have grown up!

Leanne and Owen & Amber and Alivia

Connor...the daredevil! 

Once she warmed up to us, Alivia had a blast!

Declan is so easy going! He spent most of the time playing with this dog:)

Perfect princesses...Reagan and Hailey

The youngest ones:)

Pizza dinner for 6!

This couch is getting smaller!

Reagan played photographer!

Our local pirate, saving or going after the princesses...who knows?!


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