Heading East (Savannah's First Plane Ride!)

For our first Christmas in California, we decided to head back to Virginia:) The girls (and Jason and I) have been so spoiled over the past several years spending Christmas with the family, and we weren't ready to skip the traditions just yet...

So, we ditched Tommy with Uncle Dan and Aunt Helen at 5am on a Thursday and drove to LAX for what was supposed to be an early flight. We had no trouble checking in and getting to the gate, but after 2+ hours of delays, Jason was fed up and the girls were a bit stir crazy! It was Savannah's first plane ride, and since Reagan's only trip happened when she was 14-months, it was really her first too. They were super excited and despite the continued delays, they stayed happy!

I told them to mean mug the camera...I think they nailed it!
Once we finally boarded, Savannah and I sat together, Reagan was with Jason. They were thrilled to have free reign to watch whatever they wanted (and it was free thanks to the delays!). Even though we woke them up at 3:30am, Savannah remained awake until the second leg of the trip! 

And when we finally landed at Dulles, they couldn't have been more excited to see Papa!!! All in all, it was a good experience. They were excellent travelers and thrilled to be back with Grandma and Papa!


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