San Francisco - Part 1

On the Wednesday before we left, I packed the girls and Tommy up and we headed down with half the contents of our house to Woodbridge. We hung out with Papa and enjoyed some delicious cauliflower soup for dinner and waited for Grandma to return from her busy day. Once the girls were bathed and put to bed, I drove home and packed my own bag for our flight the following day.                                                                                                      We woke early, drove to Old Town, and caught a ride to the airport with Jason's grandfather. The weather was great here, but across the nation they were calling for a big snowstorm! As we sat in the crowded terminal, already enjoying the fact that we weren't chasing after a preschooler or tending to an infant, the announced a delay of our flight. Denver was getting snow. No worries, all flights out of Denver would be delayed too. 
Beautiful sky view from the terminal!

I continued to sit and enjoy my recently downloaded Kindle book right up until boarding time...and right up to the point where we were walking down the jetway and I looked at Jason and said, "Oh man, I definitely should have pumped!" We took off without too much trouble and as soon as we reached cruising altitude, I excused myself to the bathroom to "pump." Of course I was doing this by hand, so it was less than effective. But what did I spot? A plug on the wall of the bathroom! Jackpot right? Not so much...neither one worked:( Again, no big deal, I would pump as soon as we landed in Denver.

Alas, that was not to be. As the flight attendant announced our descent, she also said, "Those of you traveling to blah, blah, San Francisco, and blah, please raise your hands. You all have connecting flights that take off within the next 15 minutes, so please exit the plane first." Great...

We ran to the next plane and were the last to board. The had everyone buckled up and said we'd be taking off shortly but needed to de-ice before. I tried to get up and speak to the flight attendant, but was promptly shooed back to my seat. She came to me and I explained my situation. Without hesitation, she allowed me to go to the bathroom. Again, neither plug worked. However, she found a plug next to the jump seat (which I was not allowed to sit in?) and told me she would stand guard while I pumped. Without hesitation, I plugged in and relieved way too many hours of not nursing!!!

With that, we were off on our final leg. We arrived without any more issues, got our bags which amazingly made it from the first to the second flight, and hopped in a taxi. The trip from the airport to the hotel took us through some sketchy looking parts of the city, but it sure was good sight seeing!

Our room was fantastic and had a pretty decent view if you stood at just the right angle:)

That evening, we wandered up to the 12th floor for the happy hour and decided to stay for dinner. As soon as dinner was over, Jason had to do a bit of work in the hotel's office and I said, "Ok, we'll go grab a drink somewhere when you finish." Ha...I was totally passed out when he returned:) And that brings us to the end of day 1!


  1. You crack me up! Looks like you had a good time so far.


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