San Francisco - Part 2

On a whim, we decided to spend our first full day of vacation in Napa Valley! I was browsing through a travel guide in the hotel room, contacted a few people to discuss options, and promptly discarded all advice. We instead, opted for the ferry to Vallejo and the bus up to wine country. By the time we decided this, we had about 25 minutes to get to the Ferry Building, so we quickly walked through the city (where we saw the largest pigeons EVER!).

We arrived at the Ferry Building, and while Jason attempted to buy tickets, I was overwhelmed at the amazing stores inside...mounds of artisanal cheeses, fresh baked bread, flowers, produce, was overwhelming! Seriously, this place put Eastern Market to shame!

Within a few minutes of arriving at the bay, Jason had tickets in hand and we were boarding the ferry. It was an absolutely gorgeous day and we enjoyed the entire ride on the back deck of the boat.

That's the Bay Bridge in the background

Quick glimpse of the Golden Gate Bridge

And Alcatraz 

What a beautiful skyline!

We were really hauling...

Within an hour, we had arrived in Vallejo where we found the bus stop. Jason figured out our route and we relaxed for another hour on mass transportation. 

When we arrived at our stop, we found an incredible public market where we asked "What exactly should we do from here?" (Our original intent was to spend the day at a winery or two, but upon arrival, we realized due to our cheaper transportation option, we were left a bit short on time {to return to the ferry}.) Instead, we decided to explore the small town and visit some tasting rooms!

 Our first tasting room was Waterstone - we each tried 5.

We even got a little nerdy and wrote down our thoughts on each one;)

While en route to the next tasting room, we happened to see a sign for "Olive Oil Tasting!" We were intrigued to say the least. We went in and tasted more than I can recall and it was amazing how different each one was. After purchasing several different bottles, we headed in search of more wine.

 We didn't have to go far as the Vermeil Wine Lounge was right next door. Again, we each sampled a few different wines and enjoyed their outdoor seating.

And lastly, on a tip from someone at the Vermeil lounge, we hit John Anthony for our final tasting. We were starving, so the cheese plate and munchies were necessary!

After an uneventful bus ride, we made it back to Vallejo for our ferry ride back to SF. The views were incredible and the pictures don't do it justice, but we still tried to capture the beauty:


  1. Reading this makes me want to book a flight to SF!


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