San Francisco - Part 7

For our final full day in San Francisco, we planned to visit the cable car museum and the Exploratorium. Unfortunately, as we neared the museum, we were told to move to one side of the street and saw this:


After talking to some cops, we found out that President Obama was in town and they shut down the cable car museum for the entire day. Bummer.

No worries though and we wandered through Chinatown. Everything we saw was so interesting down there! And the hanging lanterns and unique street lights were really pretty!

Even the playground was "Chinatown-ish." But check out the picture below...apparently they REALLY don't want anyone climbing on top of that structure!

We walked by the famous TransAmerica building...

And made our way to the Exploratorium only to discover that it was CLOSED on Mondays:( Guess we should have done a little research when we "planned" our day! Again, we made the most of it and looked at some of the exhibits they had outside. This thing below began spinning faster and faster when the drums were all beaten at the same time (can't see the drum portion in this pic).

After our two letdowns, we decided to take a lunch break and hopped in line at Hog Island Oyster Co. with a crowd.

Jason had a couple different types of oysters while I enjoyed one of the best grilled cheeses I've ever tasted.

On our way back to the hotel via Chinatown, we were lured into a tea shop and sat down for a tasting. One of the neatest things we've ever done. I couldn't get over how expensive some of the teas were...see below ($800/pound)!!!

That evening, we went out for a nice dinner in Chinatown, then headed back to the hotel to pack for a VERY early flight the next morning. 

It was an incredible trip and we are so grateful to Grandma & Papa for watching the girls for us. What a great opportunity! Hope we can take the whole family back to the city someday!


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