Raleigh Fun!

On 17 May, Jason got home from work at his usual time, and we stopped at Gary Mike & Terry's for Friday night pizza before hitting the road for North Carolina. We finally got in the car and headed south around 8pm, which was perfect because Reagan was dressed for bed and settled in with her DVD player immediately! She watched some Tweety Bird episodes before falling asleep around 8:45, I alternated between reading and dozing, and Jason focused on making good time and enjoyed a book on CD. Just before we arrived, around 11:30, Reagan woke up and said, "What happened to my DVR? Can I watch Beauty [Beauty and the Beast]?" It was so cute! We arrived a minute before midnight. 

Reagan stayed up for way too long, and by 2:30am when she finally fell asleep with us, Max woke up and kept Colleen and Keith awake! Oh the days before these kiddos stole our sleep:) No worries, they woke up happy and Keith entertained them the next morning:

While Colleen and I got ready to drive to Caroline's birthday party, the guys went out and got doughnuts for all of us!

Saturday was spent at Caroline's party where I snapped the picture below (how cute is he?!). We headed back to Raleigh and went to see our friends' new house - which is absolutely gorgeous! We grilled out and enjoyed their new digs for several hours, trying to get the kids to sleep (Reagan finally crashed at around 10:30, but Max stayed up until we got in the car just after 11pm!

On Sunday morning, we went to the Raleigh fairgrounds for an Agricultural Fair (which turned out to be more like a regular fair with even less animals:). Reagan and Max had a great time though and it was really cool to see them on the rides all by themselves!

Love her hair!

Jason showed Max how to "milk" the cow.

Then Reagan took a turn!

I love this. They both look so "I'm too cool for this!"

Colleen took both kids on the helicopter ride...they loved it!

As the weather started to look sketchy, we headed for home to put the kids down for a nap. They both went to sleep without much complaining. Colleen, her mom, Jill, and I went to get pedicures! It was wonderful. We ran a few errands after our toes were done and then came home to this: Parenting 101...these guys have it all figured out!

Happy kids, relaxed daddies, what more could you want?! I think we could all take a cue from them:) We spent Sunday night having dinner with Colleen's parents and then hanging out around the table with some wine and sharing stories. It was a great night. The following morning, we went to Bob Evans for breakfast and said our goodbyes. What a wonderful weekend! Always nice to spend time with good friends!


  1. It sure does suck that I live so far away and am missing out on all this fun. Let's all pray for some voodoo magic with the monitor that a year from now he sees fit to send me to the east coast!


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