The Greatest Show On Earth!

In late April, Grandma, Papa, Daddy, Reagan and I went to the circus at the Patriot Center!!! We arrived early and got to see the clowns perform, a dog act, and even an elephant up close! 

Reagan wasn't sure what to think of the clowns...

Between Papa & Daddy's shoulders (down below), Reagan had the best seat in the house!

Just before the show actually started, Daddy and Reagan went out on the floor to dance with the clowns:)

Before the show started, Reagan asked for a corn dog and some fries. We saw some amazing acts...

These big cats were probably my favorite!

At about this time, Reagan looked up at me and said, "Mommy, I'm done with the circus!" Too bad for her there was a second half of the show! She actually ended up enjoying the rest of it (especially after we got her some popcorn!). 

When the motorcycles came out, Reagan climbed into my lap and hid her face. I guess the loud noises scared her a little! It was seriously impressive - by the end, they managed to get 8 motorcycles flying around this sphere at once!

And as the big dragon (above) made its rounds, this was Reagan:  

Haha! She was terrified! We had a wonderful time. Definitely an incredible show and I'm so glad we went!


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